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1.7.10 Services Packs

1.7.10 Service Pack 1

  • INDXMA-5119 (ZenD #734 | 736): Heartbeats may happen on a broken connection
  • INDXMA-5138 (ZenD #749): Space function not implemented
  • INDXMA-5137 (ZenD #749): Concurrency error when committing a table
  • INDXMA-5148 (ZenD #760): Distinct Count does not return 0 when there is no value ​

1.7.10 Service Pack 2

  • INDXMA-5237 (ZenD #807): Can't download diag when clicking on the button ​
  • INDXMA-5235 (ZenD #810): Data consistency problem when loading several times
  • INDXMA-5227 (ZenD #795): StGobain has a Negative skip length
  • INDXMA-5162 (ZenD #803): Wait too many time when query stopped for "Global result size limit exhausted"

1.7.10 Service Pack 3

  • INDXMA-5271 (ZenD #828): Can't ORDER BY on a field if the alias isn't specified in the ORDER BY

1.7.10 Service Pack 4 

  • INDXMA-5298 (ZenD #853|926): NPE during truncate
  • INDXMA-5215 (ZenD #825): Stress stest : delete errors
  • INDXMA-5347 (ZenD #760): Distinct Count does not return 0 when there is no value ON Dimension Table
  • INDXMA-5343 (ZenD #871): Unload dico during a SELECT
  • INDXMA-5238 (ZenD #797): Could not validate cookie sent
  • INDXMA-5355 (ZenD #760): Handle empty count distinct with other field in select
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