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  • Developer Console: new interface to improve editing of SQL queries.
  • HelpCenter 24/7: platform dedicated to our customers to get started easily and fast.
  • Query Profile: advanced view to access KPIs of each query, instantly.
  • Roles for Monitor in Developer Console: rights management is available in the graphical interface of Developer Console for a better allocation and security of roles in the exploitation of Indexima.

Release Note for the INDEXIMA version 1.7.4

In details

User experience

  • INDXMA-3171 Added syntax coloration in Developer Console SQL editor
  • INDXMA-3001 Indexima documentation is now available in our new Help Center
  • INDXMA-2956 Share query history between masters in Monitor
  • INDXMA-2947 Added Query Profile in Monitor
  • INDXMA-2874 Developer Console now also display pre-join Hyperindexes in the Index tab


  • INDXMA-3108 Export command now supports "ONLY_METADATA" parameter
  • INDXMA-3106 New command : SHOW GRANT ON warehouse
  • INDXMA-2972 CREATE TABLE now support PARTITIONED BY parameter, which makes selected columns mandatory in every Hyperindexes
  • INDXMA-2899 Tables on error can't be loaded, committed, or roll-backed
  • INDXMA-2892 Added a file checkpoint to ensure ALTER ADD INDEX has correctly ended

Performance and security

  • INDMXA-2766 Added Monitor rights
  • INDXMA-3172 Added an environment variable for the default password admin in Developer Console
  • INDXMA-3020 Yarn container stopped involuntarily will now be restarted automatically
  • INDXMA-2958 Add support of pre-join Hyperindexes in external tables
  • INDXMA-2955 Protect concurrent write operations between masters
  • INDXMA-2938 Only admin user can grant privilege to role public
  • INDMXA-2920 TRUNCATE command now requires DELETE privilege, not OWNER
  • INDXMA-2895 Dictionaries no longer used are now removed, freeing disk and RAM space.
  • INDXMA-2873 Indexima Application in YARN is no longer killed and resubmitted if the Resources Manager is changed
  • INDXMA-2830 Spill-to-disk has better performance when spilling
  • INDXMA-3107 Support Monitor rights in Ranger


  • INDXMA-2708 Some trivial informations are no longer logged (like pings and heartbeats without error)
  • INDXMA-3064 Added support of Hive function CONCAT_WS
  • INDXMA-3063 Added support of Hive function CEIL and CEILING
  • INDXMA-3022 Indexes can no longer contain aggregates with constant value
  • INDXMA-2969 <=> operator (introduced by Tableau 2019.3) is now supported

Bug Fixes

  • INDXMA-3087 In some specific cases, Analyzer might create corrupted and unusable Hyperindex
  • INDXMA-3050 Using tables with identical column names no longer return a "Ambiguous column name" error
  • INDXMA-3019 Index now supports SPLIT function with \
  • INDXMA-2950 Developer Console LDAP authentication doesn't require to write the domain name after the username on login page
  • INDXMA-2914 Fixed an issue when MIN/MAX aggregates could have wrong values
  • INDXMA-2771 Fixed an issue when Cartesian product could miss some lines to return
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