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1.7.7 (Released on May 20th, 2020)


The version - V1.7.7 - of Indexima is now available.
This version offers new features :

Easy to use

Apply topology is a new SQL command which realigns the cluster when a node is added or removed for better governance.

Pending queries now appear in the Monitor, letting you see when a request has really started.

Easy to adopt

Indexima now supports Amazon Redshift as an external table. This avoids copying the data in Indexima while guaranteeing the response time under the second.

Overview Table has improved and let you drop and truncate a table or an index, in one click. 

Easy to implement

Privileges have been reviewed to be fully Hive compliant: consult the new rights matrix

Note the upgrade procedure of Galactica has been modified. Please consult the Update Galactica (Indexima core) page for detailed information

Release Note for the Indexima version 1.7.7

In details


  • INDXMA-4233 : SHOW MEMORY command can now be launched on a table, instead of the warehouse.
  • INDXMA-3143 : New command APPLY_TOPOLOGY has been introduced. It lets you, on one command, merge all dictionaries if nodes have been added or removed, instead of committing all tables.
  • INDXMA-4359 : Count distinct dictionaries have been renamed to avoid potential conflict with other dictionaries.
  • INDXMA-4310 : Table overview now has buttons to truncate, drop a table, or drop an index.
  • INDXMA-4356 : When a query is made, ensure all nodes are up or made it retry, even if the cluster hasn't been initialized again.
  • INDXMA-4089 : SYNCHRONIZE command is now faster by reducing the number of I/O made to HDFS.
  • INDXMA-4483 : Dataviz Connection button in Overview now redirects Power BI Desktop and MicroStrategy Desktop to the according to documentation.
  • INDXMA-4397 : Pending queries are now displayed on the Queries page. The execution time of a query is split between pending and real execution duration.

External tables

  • INDXMA-4329 : AWS Redshift is now supported as an external table.
  • INDXMA-4301 : Better SQL delegation on Google BigQuery.
  • INDXMA-4383 : Better integration of Hive as an external table.
  • INDXMA-4403 : External table can now store a part of their columns in the K-Store, letting you fine-grain tuning of your table of what we want to delegate, or retrieve from Indexima. 
  • INDXMA-4172 : The Create Table Wizard has a new 'Custom parameter' field which allows you to add JDBC URL custom parameter.
  • INDXMA-3728 : CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE command now displays the underlying database system in the Monitor.


  • INDXMA-4410 : Add a new Integrity check notification in the Notifications panel. This check ensures that tables, dictionaries, and indexes are up-and-running and display an error if not.
  • INDXMA-4272 : Privileges have been updated to stick to the Hive rights matrix.
  • INDXMA-4273 : Owner privilege can now be granted or revoked from another owner.
  • INDXMA-4045 : License can now be uploaded from Monitor, instead of copying it in the configuration folder.
  • INDXMA-4289 : Improvement of Kerberos integration on HDFS.
  • INDXMA-4355 : DESCRIBE command on a view now returns the underlying field type.
  • INDXMA-4275 : Create and drop (index) button in Analyzer are now disabled if the user doesn't have the right privilege, instead of throwing an error when using it.

Configuration and Diagnosis

  • INDXMA-4374 : Diagnosis includes a new fixed CSV format for queries log. The old format is kept.
  • INDXMA-4332 : All JSON configuration files are now included in the diagnosis.
  • INDXMA-4277 : When Indexima is started, a message is displayed in the logs when deprecated and unknown parameters are read from the configuration files.


  • INDXMA-4400 : INSERT INTO command now supports an absence of space between VALUES keyword and rows to insert (beginning by an opening bracket

  • INDXMA-4342 : Add a timeout on Hive connection from Developer Console to avoid the warning message TSaslTransportException.

  • INDXMA-4291: The origin of the reinitialization of a cluster (user or system) is now stored in the event log

  • INDXMA-4283 : While loading data, when the size of an index hits the limit set in the configuration file, commit now fails to avoid storing partial results. You can use the FORCE option to force committing inserted rows.

Bug fixes

  • INDXMA-4334 : Fix an issue where a JDBC load doesn't retrieve the last rows from the load query.
  • INDXMA-4289 : Fix an issue where Kerberos access was done after the first access to HDFS.
  • INDXMA-4309 : Fix an issue where UNION ALL on a dimension table could duplicate the number of rows retrieved.
  • INDXMA-4193 : Fix an issue on Amazon S3 where an internal table file (_partitions.json) wasn't sometimes stored in the correct folder.
  • INDXMA-4293 : Login and password in Oracle JDBC URL are now hidden in Monitor\Query page and in the logs

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