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1.7.8 Services Packs

1.7.8 - Service Pack 1

  • INDXMA-4749: Analyser evaluation cache, may block if sampling size becomes too big.
  • INDXMA-4800: Revert cluster changes from AMI market place.
  • INDXMA-4804: group by a problem with an alias having the same name as a computed field.
  • INDXMA-478 (ZenD #569): Date in Oracle read as null in Indexima.
  • INDXMA-4650 (ZenD #523): Biotopia-Error while processing statement: The query failed: 5
  • INDXMA-4794: hive server stopping when configured with zookeeper, not connected to zookeeper and last session is closed.
  • INDXMA-4766 (ZenD #604): Different result between oracle and indexima.

1.7.8 - Service Pack 2

  • INDXMA-4810: [Robustesse SQL] : External Table Error at Connection.
  • INDXMA-4826: Azure Marketplace license.
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