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1.7.9 Services Packs

1.7.9 Service Pack 1

  • INDXMA-4883: Log4j - Rotation douteuse
  • INDXMA-4933: Different results when using or not spill2disk
  • INDXMA-4926: Test external table on Oracle 
  • INDXMA-5004: Default configuration for master.socket.pool.size should be greater than 1
  • INDXMA-4950: Check spill to disk performance when implementing externalizable for
  • INDXMA-4942 (ZenD #662): Left join is missing some lines
  • INDXMA-4990 (ZenD #676): Invalid TIMESTAMP
  • INDXMA-4941: [Robustesse SQL] : ATS - NPE Socket Closed & Reinit Cluster
  • INDXMA-4939 (ZenD #685): Problème de planification de container yarn au démarrage datalab

1.7.9 Service Pack 2

  • INDXMA-5030: Query timeout not initialized at the start
  • INDXMA-5028: Google storage: NPE when listing directory

1.7.9 Service Pack 3

  • INDXMA-5024: Analyser, wrong aliases in index proposal when merging several requests
  • INDXMA-5031: Error during SQL load, error message is overridden by another message (killed by user)

1.7.9 Service Pack 4

  • INDXMA-5088: dev console cant load user / named queries
  • INDXMA-5026 (ZenD #709): problem interrupted migration / concurrent acces on metadata _vtable.json _table.json

1.7.9 Service Pack 5

  • INDXMA-5104: dev console: cant load old user file

1.7.9 Service Pack 6

  • INDXMA-5119 (ZenD #673 |733 | 734 | 736): Heartbeats may happen on a broken connection
  • INDXMA-5117 (ZenD 737 | 759 ): Cluster re-init on stream de-synchronization, send row on killed requests do not read the whole data from the socket
  • INDXMA-5165 (ZenD #763): Read all table on disk when there are indexes on Kstore that could help reading much less
  • INDXMA-5148 (ZenD #760): Distinct Count does not return 0 when there is no value
  • INDXMA-5115 (ZenD #735): REGRESSION: UNION ALL not possible after upgrade 1.7.9
  • INDXMA-5101 (ZenD #716): a never-ending DROP because of a lock caught as a warning
  • INDXMA-5138 (ZenD #749): Space function not implemented
  • INDXMA-5137 (ZenD #749): Concurrency error when committing a table
  • INDXMA-5143: Wrong value of Show Dictionaries after unloading & Adding a new index
  • INDXMA-5180: Galactica hdp3: missing driver lib in distrib
  • INDXMA-5184: directories are not correctly listed when doing a synchronize
  • INDXMA-5112: handle write error in history/query. Avoid storage access in the main event loop
  •  INDXMA-5129: Functional test NycSampleTest fails on a regular basis
  • INDXMA-5134: limit memory consumption when loading data
  • INDXMA-5163: QueryInfo concurrent access
  • INDXMA-5164: report of QueryIndexInformation memory leak with Table

1.7.9 Service Pack 7

  • INDXMA-5235 (ZenD #807 | 810): Data consistency problem when loading several times
  • INDXMA-5237 (ZenD #749): Can't download diag when clicking on the button​

  • INDXMA-5162 (ZenD #749): Wait too many time when query stopped for "Global result size limit exhausted"

  • INDXMA-5264: warehouse migration problem between 1.7.7 and 1.7.9

  • INDXMA-5253 : Ensure we don't send invalid filenames for ddl diagnosis
  • INDXMA-5194: Stress tests: SELECT errors

  • INDXMA-5204: dev console: cant load old connections file

  • INDXMA-5194: Stress tests: SELECT errors

  • INDXMA-5204: dev console: cant load old connections file

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