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2021.1 - Services Packs

2021.1 Service Pack 1 ( March 25, 2021 )

  • INDXMA-6003 (ZenD #1016) UTilisation API S3 sur CEPH ou Minio avec AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID qui finit en Bad Request ou Pb Authentification
  • INDXMA-5931 (ZenD #1201) join sent by Microstrat
  • INDXMA-5958 (ZenD #1182) Can create a table without column
  • INDXMA-5996 Smart table not running on external after restart ( nb line = 0 ? )
  • INDXMA-5967 Log in visualdoop2 logs upon user authentication to dev console Am√©lioration
  • INDXMA-5957 analyzer INCREMENTAL as default
  • INDXMA-5950 Smart table - Fail instantiating plan
  • INDXMA-5948 Incremental analyser: recreate sampling if index dropped
  • INDXMA-5944 Pre join indexes may fail to load depending on table order
  • INDXMA-5942 dev console: number of nodes / master in cluster view can be wrong
  • INDXMA-5934 External table on sql server - A column has been specified more than once in the order by list 
  • INDXMA-5933 Index read lock may not be released
  • INDXMA-5932 Change smart default configuration Am√©lioration
  • INDXMA-6012 After re-initialisation, dedicated channels for count distinct dictionaries are not re-connected correctly
  • INDXMA-5927 Smart optimizer configuration keep quotes
  • INDXMA-5924 External table that do not generate indexes in PARSER mode
  • INDXMA-5918 concurrent exception when putting result on disk and request is cancelled

2021.1 Service Pack 2 ( April 15, 2021)

  • INDXMA-6053 Unloading table during join computation may lead to NPE B
  • INDXMA-6036 COMPACT - Issue while merging dictionaries
  • INDXMA-5997 Old cluster view still here
  • INDXMA-5990 (ZenD #1193) Ranger : support user name with correct case sensitivity
  • INDXMA-5945 When activate start live feed, lost some queries
  • INDXMA-5932 Change smart default configuration
  • INDXMA-5884 Icon of in-progress queries is not animated if query was pending before
  • INDXMA-5843 classcastexception on select * from external hive table
  • INDXMA-4844 (ZenD #654) Double check rights in Ranger context

2021.1 Service Pack 3 (May 4, 2021) 

  • INDXMA-6140 Ability to deactivate new dev console experience
  • INDXMA-6109 (ZenD #1193 | 1269) Zookeeper : unable to connect from Visualdoop
  • INDXMA-6027 (ZenD #1105) Logs not readable when compressed thru option in log4j2
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