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2021.2 (Released on May 3rd, 2021)


The version - V2021.2 - of Indexima is now available. This version offers :

Easy To Use & Optimized Memory

  • Big indexes (Preview)
    This new feature limits the memory impact of very high cardinality indexes. You can now define a size beyond which a Hyperindex is put on disk.
    It enables to free up the RAM to further improve the performance of the Indexima cluster.
  • Big requests (Preview)
    This mechanism makes it possible to limit the number of simultaneous requests with very high memory consumption.
    These "greedy" requests are placed on a dedicated queue and no longer have any impact on fast requests.
  • Memory Management
    Requests’ memory footprint has been improved. And, you can access all the details of queries and sub-queries.
  • Improved resilience:
    The system more easily detects desynchronization between nodes and reinitializes itself (meaning without administrator intervention) after a few SQL queries in error.

Easy To Adopt

  • Configuration management
    Configurations’ settings have been simplified with several parameters being automatically set up in order to facilitate Indexima’s implementation.
  • Analyzer
    The analyzer’s advanced customization has been updated to facilitate the set-up of automatic indexes’ creation. 

Easy To implement

New Documentation Site

  • New documentation site
    A new documentation site is now available. It will simplify the access to all resources you need, according to your configuration.
    You have an improvement. Don't hesitate to talk to your CSM.

Tests after an upgrade

Indexima Team recommends performing a health check after an upgrade. The script has been improved to check more operations and will take less time. Please upload the new Bench here.

Note regarding the new experience

New Experience in preview

Monitor rights in the new experience are implemented yet. if you have defined rights on Monitor, you may want to deactivate the new experience (currently in preview mode) until further notice. Go to New/old UI Experience

Detailed Release Note for the Indexima version 2021.2


  • INDXMA-6061: Allows to limit the number of frozen queries
  • INDXMA-6060: Improve performance of some join patterns
  • INDXMA-5993: Add ranger configuration to diagnosis
  • INDXMA-5932: Update default configuration for smart analyzer to Incremental
  • INDXMA-6057: Support of width_bucket Function
  • INDXMA-6014: Reduce memory consumption of temporary tables
  • INDXMA-6007: Add function to drop analytics resources on a table
  • INDXMA-5957: Switch default configuration of the analyzer to INCREMENTAL
  • INDXMA-5737: Smart Tables: Modify export fileName
  • INDXMA-5621: Simplify configuration of page parameter
  • INDXMA-6143: Improve parsing of Cognos join queries
  • INDXMA-6019: Support implicit join patterns
  • INDXMA-6012: Improve nodes communication for count distinct
  • INDXMA-5990 (ZenD #1193): Ranger : support user name with correct case sensitivity
  • INDXMA-5931 (ZenD #1201): Better handle join pattern from Microstrategy
  • INDXMA-5909: Improve analyzer suggestion for index with aggregates only
  • INDXMA-5902: Improve handling of load killed from s3
  • INDXMA-5488: Anonymise temporary table names used in query CSV file
  • INDXMA-6062: Update dynamic parameters in show config

External tables

  • INDXMA-5892: Simplify configuration options for external tables
  • INDXMA-6013: Prevent creating an external table from external table
  • INDXMA-5843: Fix exception on some select from external hive table
  • INDXMA-5996: Fix Smart table not running on external after the restart
  • INDXMA-5934: Support special order clause for an external table on sql server
  • INDXMA-5924: External table not generating indexes in PARSER mode

Smart tables

  • INDXMA-5948: Better handle index drop in the incremental analyzer
  • INDXMA-6045: Improve smart analyzer suggestion on a LIMITED table
  • INDXMA-6044: Report rows count for all nodes in table metadata
  • INDXMA-5962: Improve smart table index suggestion
  • INDXMA-5950: Fix an error when instantiating smart table plan
  • INDXMA-5949: Missing optimizations on smart table
  • INDXMA-5885: Improve analyzer reaction upon index creation failure

Bug Fixes

  • INDXMA-6109: Fix issues to connect to Visualdoop with Zookeeper
  • INDXMA-6027 (ZenD #1105): Logs not readable when compressed thru option in log4j2
  • INDXMA-6107: Fix error message upon Tableau incorrect statement
  • INDXMA-6094: Fix error with a field named partition
  • INDXMA-6064: Issue with deprecated hybrid parameter
  • INDXMA-6053: Unloading table during join computation may lead to NPE
  • INDXMA-6036: Fix an issue upon dictionaries merging
  • INDXMA-6020: Fix inner join issue on dimension table with duplicates
  • INDXMA-6003: Fix authentication issues with CEPH or Minio
  • INDXMA-6002: Fix SmartIndex ConcurrentModificationException when request during analyze
  • INDXMA-5966: Fix a potential ConcurrentModificationException during DROP INDEX
  • INDXMA-5964: Prevent dropping schema if uncommitted data
  • INDXMA-5961: Fix temporary file cleanup issue when no space left on the device
  • INDXMA-5958 (ZenD #1182): Prevent creating table without column
  • INDXMA-5952: Fix error after index creation failure
  • INDXMA-5944: Fix Pre join indexes may fail to load
  • INDXMA-5922: Fix table corruption upon alter table / drop index
  • INDXMA-5942: Fix an incorrect number of nodes reported in the console
  • INDXMA-5918: Fix exception when canceling request while spilling on disk

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