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Events API

Events API allows you to retrieve events that occurred on your cluster.

The information is only displayed for the queried node.

If you need information on other nodes, it is necessary to query each node separately.

Retrieve all events that happened today

Retrieve events that happened today

GET /api/monitor/get/events

Since a particular DateTime

Retrieve all events since a specified Unix timestamp. This is particularly useful to get an incremental listing, that displays modifications you made since your last listing.

Each listing will give you a JSON response with a  last value:

GET /api/monitor/get/lastevents/:time

You can use the last  value to investigate events in the future.

During a particular day 

Retrieve all events at the specified date. The date parameter is in the yyyy-mm-dd format.

GET /api/monitor/get/events/:date

JSON Format 

All events have the same JSON structure for the following endpoints.

    "reqs": [
            "type": "CLUSTER_START",
            "date": 1574757198519,
            "duration": 36,
            "comment": ""
            "type": "TABLE_LOADED",
            "date": 1574757199483,
            "duration": 333,
            "comment": "etalon.nyc_yellow_full"
(reqs | runnings).typeStringName of the event
(reqs | runnings).dateTimestampUnix timestamp for the start of the event
(reqs | runnings).durationIntegerTime it took for the event to execute, if available
(reqs | runnings).commentStringA comment associated with the event, if available
lastLongThe timestamp of the current listing

The events list is the following

NameComment in the eventDescription
CLUSTER_STARTNoneCluster starts, tables aren't loaded yet
CLUSTER_STOPNoneCluster stops, thereby receiving a stop command
NODE_DOWNNumber of the nodeA specific node is unreachable
CLUSTER_INITNoneCluster is reinitializing (after receiving a command from Monitor or the --init command)
MEMORY_LOWNoneCluster runs out of memory and tries to unload indexes
TABLE_LOADEDName of the tableA specific table is loaded and available
HYPER_INDEX_LOADEDName of the indexA HyperIndex is loaded and available
HYPER_INDEX_UNLOADEDName of the indexA HyperIndex is unloaded because it is lacking memory
SAVE_METADATANumber of tables that has been upgradedCluster is saving metadata
PRELOAD_FINISHEDNumber of indexes loadedLoad of frequently used tables is finished (during the start of the cluster)
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