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Expired License


When executing a SELECT command, the following message appears when the license has expired:

Error while processing statement: Your license has expired (code 'READ_FAIL')

The solution is updating the Indexima license.

The Indexima license is stored in indexima.lic you have retrieved from our sales department.

Updating your Indexima license through the Monitor Interface

  • Go to the license page on the cluster View:
    • Access rights on this page are managed here.
  • Drag & Drop your Indexima license.
  • Select ACTIVATE.

  • Get a confirmation message that the license has been updated.

The license is instantaneously updated and no restart is required.

Updating your Indexima license by uploading a file on the Indexima server

Copy indexima.lic to the indexima/galactica/conf directory. Redeploy the license and restart.

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