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Installing Developer Console

Developer Console is a web-based UI you can use to manage your Indexima cluster. It also provides a light SQL client, easy to configure, create tables, load data, and create Hyperindexes.

Downloading Developer Console


The Developer Console is a web application allowing you to manage your Indexima cluster and projects with ease. You can download it at:


Simply unzip the archive previously downloaded in the folder of you choice. For example

cd /opt/indexima

A new folder named visualdoop2 is created in /opt/indexima


Inside the visualdoop2 folder, you can find a configuration file named Open it with your favorite text editor to configure Developer Console.

There are a few environment variables to adjust:

ParameterDescriptionExample value
JAVA_HOMEThe path to the Java home directory. If Java is already in the PATH of the indexima user, you can comment itexport JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64
VISUALDOOP_DATAThe path to the folder where Developer Console will write and use some dataexport VISUALDOOP_DATA=/opt/indexima/visualdoop-data
VISUALDOOP_WEB_PORTThe port used by Developer Console. Default is 8082export VISUALDOOP_WEB_PORT=8080
VISUALDOOP_HOSTThe name of the host to which Developer Console can be accessed. Default is localhostexport VISUALDOOP_HOST=

For more information about all the parameters, please refer to the configuration file reference.


You can simply start the Developer Console by executing the script. Note that you need to execute it from the directory where you installed it.

cd /opt/indexima/visualdoop2
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