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Pushdown functions

What is a pushdown function?

A pushdown function is a function that Indexima Engine does not yet support and is delegated to the underlying source on an external table.

When a DataViz tool sends a function recognized as a pushdown function, Indexima will force a delegation of the request and rewrite it to make it compatible with the underlying database.

This way, you can use the window function on your database through Indexima.

What pushdown function does Indexima support?

Supported functions are the following:

Statistics functions

  • COVAR_POP / COVAR_SAMP : Population and sample covariance.
  • PERCENTILE: Exact pth percentile.
  • PERCENTILE_APPROX: Approximate pth percentile.
  • STDDEV_POP / STDDEV_SAMP : Standard / unbiased sample deviation.
  • VAR_POP / VAR_SAMP : Standard / unbiased sample variance.

Over Partition functions

  • FIRST_VALUE OVER PARTITION: The column for which you want the first value.
  • LAG OVER PARTITION: The number of rows to lag.
  • LAST_VALUE OVER PARTITION: The column for which you want the last value.
  • LEAD OVER PARTITION: The number of rows to lead.
  • RANK: The rank of the column.
  • ROW_NUMBER: The row number of the column.
  • <AGGREGATE> OVER PARTITION: Standard aggregations such as COUNT, AVG, MIN, MAX, SUM.

Supported Table type

By definition, those functions are only supported on external tables.

Supported Databases

Indexima currently supports the pushdown function on:

  • Snowflake - since 1.7.11
  • BigQuery - since 1.7.11
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