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1.7.11 Parameters Changes

Configuration files

No New files

Files Change

  • The configuration file supported_dbs.json has been updated for an external table on PostgreSQL.
  • The configuration file notifications.json has been updated to display a notification on deprecated/unknown parameters in the configuration.


New Parameters

  • insert.queue.mem.size.mb. Default value: 256. The maximum size, in MB, in the load buffer, waiting to be inserted in the index during a load operation.
  • monitor.api.key. API key used between monitor and Galactica to communicate safely.

Parameters change

  • galactica.conf
    • pending.timeout has been renamed to
    • timeout has been renamed to
    • analyzer.cache.size has been renamed to analyzer.cache.size.bytes
    • jdbc.timeout has been renamed to jdbc.timeout.seconds
    • jdbc.query.timeout has been renamed to jdbc.query.timeout.seconds
    • jdbc.disconnect.timeout has been renamed to jdbc.disconnect.timeout.seconds
    • result.max_size has been renamed to result.max_size.mb
    • index.memory.max_size has been renamed to index.memory.max_size.mb
    • table.memory.max_size has been renamed to table.memory.max_size.mb
    • global.result.max_size has been renamed to global.result.max_size.mb
    • limited.memory.max_size has been renamed to limited.memory.max_size.mb
    • join.memory.max_size has been renamed to join.memory.max_size.mb
    • insert.queue.mem.size has been renamed to insert.queue.mem.size.mb
    • tempo.request.wait has been renamed to
    • free.cancelled.request.wait.time has been renamed to
    • post.kill.cleanup.delay has been renamed to
    • size.bucket has been renamed to size.bucket.mb
    • export.partition.size has been renamed to export.partition.size.mb
    • cache.master.minExecMs has been renamed to
    • yarn.memory has been renamed to yarn.memory.mb
    • yarn.memory.master has been renamed to yarn.memory.master.mb
    • nodes.connect.timeout has been renamed to
    • nodes.connect.restart.delay has been renamed to nodes.connect.restart.delay.seconds
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