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1.7.12 - Services Packs

1.7.12 Service Pack 1 ( February 10, 2021 )

  • INDXMA-5759: Fix some properties
  • INDXMA-5753: Regression: Nb Results of queries are not displayed anymore
  • INDXMA-5746: SQL WHERE IN on Float or Double
  • INDXMA-5739(ZenD#1112): GaYarn: longer timeout for nodeIsReachable
  • INDXMA-5720: Table not usable after node loss
  • INDXMA-5705: A serialized class should have a serial version (persistence across several obfuscations)
  • INDXMA-5702(ZenD#1124): Operation in failure that is "green" in monitor
  • INDXMA-5699: Monitor display only one query
  • INDXMA-5698: substring(0, something) returns empty string
  • INDXMA-5690(ZenD#1112): Heartbeat spamming log when accessing closed socket after node down
  • INDXMA-5689: NPE on add index after 1 node down (add index done too quickly)
  • INDXMA-5688:HA problem: exception on the select table when 2 nodes down on 3 node
  • INDXMA-5686: UNION ALL triggers NullPointerException
  • INDXMA-5677: Indexima frozen part 2.
  • INDXMA-5674(ZenD#1094): Prod emergency - LOAD Bloqué
  • INDXMA-5664: Smart Table FIRE NEXT not always understandable
  • INDXMA-5654: High Availability issues on cluster

Service Pack 2 ( February 24, 2021)

  • INDXMA-5806: allow HMap resize
  • INDXMA-5795: Analyzer generate huge index since it should be small
  • INDXMA-5790(ZenD#1154): Show TABLEs with a Cloudera driver in a hdp3 context (or equivalent) returns Error
  • INDXMA-5785(ZenD#1153): Synchronize KO + Mauvais user de ticket Kerberos -Kerberos problem ?
  • INDXMA-5784: Suspicious commit duration on 1.7.12 with count distinct
  • INDXMA-5775: Bug "Only one query in last" is back
  • INDXMA-5761: Duplicated queries in web interface
  • INDXMA-5751(ZenD#1128 | 1134 ): Requete qui ne retourne pas les bons résultats
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