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1.7.6 (Released on March 26th, 2020)


  • Optimize Table button allows you - in one click - to create and remove HyperIndexes on each of your tables in order to keep the best possible optimization.
  • Overview Table offers you a total view of table metadata (number of rows, memory footprint, disk utilization, ...) in one page. 
  • Indexima is available on AWS marketplace. In a few clicks, Zero Time To Data is available (instantiate, data connection, data visualization integration).
    The new Wizard Create Table will now assist you in the creation of your Indexima tables.

  • Dataviz Connection button gives you the possibility to connect in one click to the data visualization tools (ex. TDS). 

Release Note for the INDEXIMA version 1.7.6

In details

Easy to use

  • INDXMA-4033 : Table now has an overview page that summarizes informations about it.
  • INDXMA-3886 : Overview page and notification panel have a new Optimize button that will create and delete your indexes accordingly to your needs, without having to go to the Analyzer page.
  • INDXMA-3699 : Add a CASCADE option for DROP TABLE that will drop associated views of the table.
  • INDXMA-3788 : Add support for RAND and RANDOM functions.
  • INDXMA-4104 : TOP indexes now supports 2 ORDER BY clauses for the GROUP BY column and the aggregate.

Easy to adopt

  • INDXMA-3944 : Wizard Create Table in Developer Console to assist you in the creation of your Indexima tables. 
  • INDXMA-3362 : Add support for managing Indexima clusters through Developer Console on Amazon Web Services.
  • INDXMA-4029: Add new command CREATE USER and DROP USER.
  • INDXMA-4107 : Add support for admin role, with the same privileges as Hive does.
  • INDXMA-3917 : Add a new MONITOR_LOG role.

Easy to implement

  • INDXMA-3948 : Overview page has a Dataviz Connection Tools button that lets you download a TDS file to instantly open and connect Tableau Software to this table.
  • INDXMA-3458 : Add support for Hive deflate format in load operation.
  • INDXMA-3561 : Support of Google BigQuery as external tables for simple usecases.


  • INDXMA-4122 More detailed logs in case of a JDBC load that may time out if the database is stuck.
                                Parameter jdbc.load.tasks has been removed.
  • INDXMA-3971 : Improve filtering with join on constant, resulting on faster queries.
  • INDXMA-3908 : Table name is mentioned in query logs for LOAD operation.
  • INDXMA-3849 : Integer functions (like YEAR) that receive NULL parameter returns NULL instead of 0.
  • INDXMA-3844 : Better support of date function with integer and double that could return NULL. 
  • INDXMA-3745 : Better computation of memory size for dictionaries.

Bug fixes

  • INDXMA-4077 : Fixed an issue where an ORDER BY clause could return rows not sorted in the specified order.
  • INDXMA-4156 : DESCRIBE on a View shows fields from the underlying table, not the view.
  • INDXMA-3705 : SHOW SCHEMA command now supports Ranger.
  • INDXMA-4099 : Fixed an issue where a JOIN on a view over a dimension table could lead to incorrect results.
  • INDXMA-3917 : Fixed an issue where multiple JOIN clause could lead to a failed query.
  • INDXMA-3881 : Column in view doesn't handle upper case.
  • INDXMA-2344 : Addressed an issue where a division between 2 integers was rounded into an integer, instead of a double.

Configuration changes

Two new configuration files (Don't forget to rename the files without the .template extension)

  • supported_dbs.json
  • optimize_table.json. 

Deprecated parameters

  • jdbc.load.tasks
  • jdbc.load.nbThreads
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