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Dynamic Mode


Since version 1.7.7, it is now possible to start an Indexima cluster without specifying the hostnames of all your nodes. This allows a dynamic deployment, especially suited for Yarn or Cloud deployment.

Edit the conf/galactica.conf

Here you must set your sizing. In our example, we have a cluster of 4 nodes.
We allow our cluster to start with 2 nodes minimum.


# Number of requested node in the cluster.
nodes.requested = 4
# Minimum number of nodes we accept to start with.
nodes.connect.min-nodes = 2
# The time we wait before starting with at least min-nodes if nodes.requested quota is not met.
nodes.connect.timeout.seconds = 120

The configuration parameters are described in galactica.conf

Start commands for Standalone deployment

In the standalone deployment mode, you need to add some options and argument to the start script.

Execute on the primary node (your first node)

./ --host <my-address[:<my-port>]> --attach <primary-address[:primary-port]>

Set the address and port that the node will use to communicate with the other nodes.
This node is the primary node.

Execute on the other nodes with the "attach" parameter

./ --host <my-address[:<my-port>]> --attach <primary-address[:primary-port]>

As said above, for the host parameter set the address and port for the node you want to start.
For the attach parameter set the address and port of the primary node(That you just launched prior).

Start commands for Yarn deployment

In YARN deployment mode, start the cluster as usual.

Execute on the primary node (your first node)

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