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MicroStrategy Developer - Create JDBC Database Connection


  • A JDBC Hive driver must be installed on the MicroStrategy server.

Set a JDBC Database Connection

Create a connection

Using the MicroStrategy Developer, the administrator needs to create a "fake" ODBC connection that will be changed to a JDBC connection.

  • Step 1 : Create an OBDC datasource
  • Step 2 : Change the connection string
    • 2a. Go to the advanced tab of the Database Connections window

  • 2b. Modify the connection string in the Additional connection string parameters. Copy the following line, fill the value surrounded by <>, then paste it. Parameters are defined as shown below:

Define connection parameters

  • <serveraddress>: Server Address of the (one of the) master node
  • <port>: Port number (by default is 10000)
  • <AuthMechvalue>: Authentication mechanism. Set the property to one of the following values (more information here):
    • 0 for No Authentication
    • 1 for Kerberos
    • for User Name
    • 3 for User Name And Password
    • 6 for Hadoop Delegation Token



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