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Upgrading Developer Console


This chapter describes how to upgrade your Indexima Developer Console.

Upgrade process

Stop current Indexima cluster

On your Developer Console Node, go to /<install_folder>/visualdoop2 and execute the script. This will stop your current Developer Console process.


Download the Indexima version from the link that was communicated to you by your Indexima contact.

Clean and backup

Before unzipping the Indexima package, you need to make a backup of your previous install, and cleanup some jar files.

  1. Copy your folder /<install_folder>/visualdoop2 to a safe location for backup purpose
  2. Go to /<install_folder>/visualdoop2/lib and remove all files
  3. Go to /<install_folder>/visualdoop2 and remove all files ending with .jar.


Unzip the package previously downloaded at the same location as your previous Indexima installation.

Start Cluster

You can now restart your Indexima Developer Console by executing the ./

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