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Use Ranger to implement rights

Ranger is a framework to enable, monitor, and manage comprehensive data security across the Hadoop platform.

Ranger Plugin – Indexima Integration

General Description

Indexima enhances and facilitates querying and managing large datasets in distributed storage

The Galactica Hive server supports Access Control similar to relational database model such as SELECT/UPDATE/DELETE permissions on tables/columns and Permission defined for USERS/ROLES

Ranger Indexima plugin acts as an authorization provider for the Galactica Hive server.

Indexima users can define policies on databases, tables/view, and columns allowing Select, Create, Drop, Alter privileges.

The Indexima plugin evaluates queries and grants or denies access based on the policies and creates necessary audit logs. Specific Ranger policies must exist for gaining access.

Outside Hadoop Environnement

Even if the indexima cluster is not running in a Hadoop environment, you can connect an Indexima cluster to an existing Ranger running in an Hadoop environment


In detail

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