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2021.1 (released on March 12th, 2021)


The version - V2021.1 - of Indexima is now available. This version offers :

  • Greater user experience ...

New User Interface [Preview]
New user interface with easy-to-read information and smoother navigation.
Push the slide button to preview the new user experience and access the quick start video here.

  • ... and adoption

Smart Tables
A smart table is a function that enables to perform analysis and indexation creation autonomously.
Learn "how to" here

  • ... To achieve analytics unsurpassed value with all data environments

External Tables connection
This avoids copying the data in Indexima while guaranteeing the response time under the second.
Learn "how to" here

Release Note for the Indexima version 2021.1


  • INDXMA-5403 New Indexima user experience available in preview

  • INDXMA-5700 Make timestamp format in dev console in yyyy-MM-DD hh:mm:ss

  • INDXMA-5651 fix look&feel for add index loading bar

  • INDXMA-5894 connections not updated when hive parameters are changed in the cluster


  • INDXMA-5663 Improve concurrency management for Smart table

  • INDXMA-5742 Add SHOW TABLECOUNT to diag analysis

  • INDXMA-5743 Log queries start/end in the local log file

  • INDXMA-2903 Speedup spill-to-disk

  • INDXMA-5586 Load speed improvement

  • INDXMA-5675 ADD Show configuration sql command

  • INDXMA-5768 avoid writing dictionaries in warehouse if no modification
  • INDXMA-5558 Make large request result automatically swap on disk

  • INDXMA-5655 Support Ascii function
  • INDXMA-5957 analyzer INCREMENTAL as default

Bug Fixes

  • INDXMA-5747 Show Tablecount returns 0 for tables that are not empty

  • INDXMA-5614 Cognos - Rework parameter for related  JDBC fetching

  • INDXMA-5397 Fix query string containing antislash in Tableau

  • INDXMA-5659 Fix skip command for jdbc load

  • INDXMA-5679 Incorrect java heap size reported in dev console

  • INDXMA-5613 Fix some edge case of high-availability failure upon nodes down

  • INDXMA-5600 Can't create big indexes on external table

  • INDXMA-5854 Unloading table also unload the default schema
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