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2021.4 (Released on August 25th, 2021)


The lasted version of Indexima – V2021.4 – is now available. This new version brings the following main new features:

Easy to use

  • Indexima's new web console (available in preview since 2021.1) is ready for production use! It's now the default user experience when opening the console.
  • Dictionaries access and type conversion improvements for accelerating queries on numerical types.

Easy to adopt

  • Smart Analyzer: Add support for setting a table analyzer mode (defined in optimize_index.json) with an SQL command, to automate operations with many tables.
  • Configuration simplification: Auto feed configuration parameters to simplify and ease Indexima setup and upgrade.
  • External table management: Optimise source workload when delegating large requests to datasource warehouse.

Easy to implement

  • High-availability enhancements (pre-version): new inter-node network stack, to support higher scalability scenario and failure resistance.

End of life support policy

Please note that release 1.7.9 reached the end of life support as described by our end-of-life policy.

Detailed Release Note for the Indexima version 2021.4


  • INDXMA-6603 (ZenD #1449): Add support for INSERT INTO SELECT with parenthesis/alias in CASE WHEN
  • INDXMA-6583: Improve memory consumption when resizing dictionaries
  • INDXMA-6514: Allows to import a schema under a new name
  • INDXMA-6626: Support of views in SHOW TABLECOUNT
  • INDXMA-6625: Improve support of views in API services
  • INDXMA-6600: Extended support for stream INSERT from a SELECT operation
  • INDXMA-6584: Improve memory garbage collection for sub-requests
  • INDXMA-6573: Reduce memory usage in result output chunks
  • INDXMA-6562: Improve error handling for join sub-requests
  • INDXMA-6552: Optimise source workload when delegating large request
  • INDXMA-6550: Optimize analyzer plan storing
  • INDXMA-6480: Optimize memory allocations when node join a cluster
  • INDXMA-6298 (ZenD #1355): Extend rights on default schema
  • INDXMA-6451: Add SQL command to setup analyzer mode for a table
  • INDXMA-6411: Support boolean as a native type
  • INDXMA-5656: Improve log message upon index creation


  • INDXMA-6544: Fix migration.lock default path in the warehouse
  • INDXMA-6650: Update template default value for warehouse
  • INDXMA-6598 (ZenD #1408): Simplify Zookeeper connection string in the new interface
  • INDXMA-6565: Enhance control for overflow of configuration parameters
  • INDXMA-6438: Include galactica_ext.conf (dynamic parameters) in the diagnosis

Security Enhancements

  • INDXMA-6450: Prevent usage of SHOW CONFIG for non-admin users
  • INDXMA-6445: Hide password from URL in error messages of JDBC load assistant
  • INDXMA-6667: Support encryption of connection passwords
  • INDXMA-6661 (ZenD #1267): Extend support for HSTS header
  • INDXMA-6120 (ZenD #1265): Improve protection against Cross-Site Request Forgery

External Table

  • INDXMA-6496: Improve DATE_FORMAT delegation
  • INDXMA-6484: Prevent returning partial results when killing a delegated query during fetch
  • INDXMA-6424: Extend support of 'create table' wizard for Impala source
  • INDXMA-6403: Improve snowflake synchronization in case of truncate
  • INDXMA-6706: Add support for dynamic setup of Cognos parameter
  • INDXMA-6602: Extend supported_db.json with Netezza
  • INDXMA-6595: Cast boolean as an integer in aggregates on external tables
  • INDXMA-6489 (ZenD #1402): Handle Boolean on Hive & impala external table
  • INDXMA-6421: Add better support for Hive external table
  • INDXMA-5618 (ZenD #1419): Improve closing delegated request upon request kill

Smart Table

  • INDXMA-6691: Fix non-optimal selection of hyperindexes if a column appears several times in the SELECT statement
  • INDXMA-6662: Fix edge case of SmartIndex infinite wait for add index
  • INDXMA-6502 (ZenD #1403): Fix join key incorrect usage during query flattening
  • INDXMA-6624: Extend support for complex prejoin aliases
  • INDXMA-6606: Fix smart analysis not triggered on an external table
  • INDXMA-6577: Fix SnowflakeSQLException upon index creation
  • INDXMA-6574: Fix unknown column error upon index creation
  • INDXMA-6542: Increase log detail of analyzer
  • INDXMA-6535 (ZenD #1416): Fix wrong display of nb days in analyzer traces
  • INDXMA-6490: Fix missing default smart optimizer mode for ingested tables
  • INDXMA-5861: Invalidate sampling and cardinality store upon changing sampling size


  • INDXMA-6715: Fix Main Index flag in the console
  • INDXMA-6592: Fix missing default index display in the console
  • INDXMA-6587: Enhance display of metadata for views
  • INDXMA-6546: Invalidate connection upon username modification
  • INDXMA-6700: Extend error message for wrong API secret key
  • INDXMA-6652: Allow changing cluster API secret key in the console
  • INDXMA-6066: Fix incorrect query splitting when a query ends with an escaped backslash
  • INDXMA-6507: Improve display of boolean types in the console
  • INDXMA-6617 (ZenD #1296): Simplify the memory size reporting in the console


  • INDXMA-6674: Fix migration issue with 2 projects with the same name but different letter case
  • INDXMA-6672: Fix show create for index with IN clause
  • INDXMA-6671: Fix a case of out of bounds exception on add index with count distinct
  • INDXMA-6668: Fix a join computation failure during load
  • INDXMA-6664: Fix error migrating corrupted indexima projects
  • INDXMA-6621: Fix jar dependency conflict on hadoop3
  • INDXMA-6611: Fix closing file descriptor for table metadata
  • INDXMA-6567: Improve error message Remote peer is closed
  • INDXMA-6528: Fix error when deleting with timestamp selection
  • INDXMA-6527: Improve queries history log flushing
  • INDXMA-6520: Use connection identifier instead of name for Hive connection pool
  • INDXMA-6511 (ZenD #1417): Add missing clearing of kill query manager
  • INDXMA-6506 (ZenD #1407 / #1445): Save metadata after a compact operation
  • INDXMA-6488: Fix offset for WeekofYear
  • INDXMA-6487 (ZenD #1399): Fix DATE_FORMAT with the  "day of the week" u flag
  • INDXMA-6479: Fix protobuf dependency in Hadoop3 installer
  • INDXMA-6478: Fix wrong query splitting for queries with a linebreak
  • INDXMA-6454 (ZenD #1388): Improve error handling when sending twice the same index creation
  • INDXMA-6402 (ZenD #1345): Fix denied ranger authorization when adding an index
  • INDXMA-6369 (ZenD #1333): Fix diagnostic download from secondary masters
  • INDXMA-6348: Fix edge case of table ambiguity on create table
  • INDXMA-6556: Fix edge case when killing request after service restart

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