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2021.5 - Services Packs

2021.5 Service Pack 1 ( December 7, 2021 )

INDXMA-7096 Index containing a TIMESTAMP cast generates load errors (regression 2021.5)
INDXMA-7066 Avoid org.apache.thrift.transport.TSaslTransportException errors in logs
INDXMA-7049 Wrong label in the query profile
INDXMA-7036 Pending API request when updating a cluster or connexion
INDXMA-7035 Remove connexion parameters from connexion files
INDXMA-7032 version.txt doesn't appear on the UI console
INDXMA-7029 On reinitialization, new stack issue un-wanted node failure events
INDXMA-7005 Ping response should be sent on the channel that received the request
INDXMA-7003 Unable to query table when creating from AS SELECT
INDXMA-6991 Fix Connection Display for Kerberos Connections in Topbar
INDXMA-6989 NPE when delegating UNION queries
INDXMA-6986 Wrong results when using a dimension table
INDXMA-6984 Regression: cannot create an alias when the name already exists in the default schema
INDXMA-6977 The query failed: Unable to convert '2021-03-15T00:00:00Z' into a DATE / TIMESTAMP format
INDXMA-6974 In the catalog, if the table doesn't exist anymore, the screen is blocked
INDXMA-6971 "NULL" string instead of "" string - when delegated
INDXMA-6970 Unrecognized column type:TIMESTAMP_TYPE - after adding suggested index
INDXMA-6968 Unrecognized column type:TIMESTAMP_TYPE
INDXMA-6949 Javascript error and empty page if license expired
INDXMA-6936 Upgrade license through the WebUI may not work

2021.5 Service Pack 2 ( December 13, 2021 )

INDXMA-7146 Dictionaries merge problem when node lost
NULL timestamps are sometimes treated as a date in the year 2045 or 2054
[Regression] Can't see data of a table when the table is part of a schema which name begins by a number
Load index flag is not displayed in the DevConsole

2021.5 Service Pack 3 ( December 20, 2021 )

INDXMA-7148 Vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 - Update log4j version

INDXMA-7163 Unhex isn't supported for external PostgreSQL tables
INDXMA-7158  Constant expressions are evaluated too many times making queries too slow
INDXMA-7151 (ZD#1647) Compact corrupt the table when a node is lost
INDXMA-7140 Fix timeout for download diag
INDXMA-7111 (ZD#1555) Having SUM>XX not applied in some cases
INDXMA-7094 Wrong values for MAX_WORKER_MEMORY (regression 2021.5)

2021.5 Service Pack 4 ( December 21, 2021 )

INDXMA-7185 CVE-2021-45105 & CVE-2021-45046 => Upgdate to version 2.17.0

2021.5 Service Pack 5 ( January 7, 2022 )

INDXMA-7227 Vulnerability CVE-2021-44832. - Update log4j version 2.17.1
Timestamp not working anymore
Fix timeout for advanced analyser
Fail loading postgresql data when there is boolean type
The query failed: Index=2560 is bigger than maxId=962
queriescsv not rotated

2021.5 Service Pack 6 ( March 7th, 2022)

INDXMA-7143 Wrong info in queries details in monitor
INDXMA-7306 (ZD#1739)
can't use properly current_date in where clauses
INDXMA-7408 (ZD#1693,1815)
Issue with mixed Timestamp Format in Dictionary

2021.5 Service Pack 7 ( March 15th, 2022)

INDXMA-7396 (ZD#1793) Regression - JDBC load: Incorrect implicit cast for date fields as string
INDXMA-7409 (ZD#1793)
JDBC load: Incorrect implicit cast for timestamp fields as string
INDXMA-7412 (ZD#1816,1830,1828)
a non-Admin user (in DevConsole) can edit connections
INDXMA-7413 (ZD#1830,1816,1828)
Monitor rights are not updated when logging off and switching users or cluster
INDXMA-7414 (ZD#1831)
Implicit Join on sub-select with DISTINCT or GROUP BY does not work

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