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Configure Notifications


The notification panel is the section that will provide suggestions to optimize your cluster.

Notifications are organized into 3 groups: INFOS, WARNING, and DANGER

Each notification comes with a way to address the issue.

How to start my notification panel

By default, notifications are not enabled.

You have to set the cron expression for the property notification.check.cron


For a refresh of notifications every 15 minutes
SET_ notification.check.cron = '0 0/15 * * * ?'

For a refresh of notifications on the last day of the month

SET_ notification.check.cron = '0 0/15 * L * ?'

For a refresh notifications from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.

SET_ notification.check.cron = '0 0 20-8 * * ?'

After that, you can see your notifications in Cluster View

or from the Data View dashboard

How to use my notification panel

Once your panel is enabled, you will notice several types of notifications.

By clicking on a notification, you will be able to see the details and a button to address it.

Once you have resolved a notification, it won't disappear until the notifications are checked again. By clicking on the refresh button, suggestions will be computed again.

List of notified elements

INFOLIMITED_TABLEDisplay limited tables that should be converted into fact tables to reduce the memory consumption
WARNINGOPTIMIZE_TABLEDisplay when a table has a percentage of queries using the main index only. You should run the optimizer to create new indexes
WARNING / DANGERINDEX_SIZEDisplay when an index size is approaching index.memory.max_size.mb. Two thresholds, in notifications.json, define the gravity of the notification.
WARNING / DANGERTABLE_SIZEDisplay when table size is approaching table.memory.max_size.mb. Two thresholds, in notifications.json, define the gravity of the notification.
DANGERINTEGRITY_CHECKDisplay tables that are corrupted and can't be restored.
WARNINGNEED_COMPACTIONDisplay tables that need an ALTER TABLE COMPACT because of shadow rows, provoked during multiple DELETE / LOAD operations.
INFODEPRECATED_PARAMETERDisplay parameters in galactica.conf which are deprecated. These parameters will be removed in future versions.
INFOUNUSED_INDEXDisplay indexes which aren't been used for 30 days. They could be removed to reduce memory/disk spaces.
INFOEXTERNAL_TABLE_WITHOUT_INDEXDisplay external tables without any indexes, meaning that all queries will be delegated to the underlying database.

Modify the list of displayed notifications

Go to notifications.json

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