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Install Indexima Console


Now that Indexima Core Engine is running, we will install the Indexima Console, to monitor and administer Indexima cluster.

All commands are executed as root.

Install Indexima Console (Visualdoop2)

Get & unzip jar files


cd /opt/indexima
curl -O<version>/indexima-installer-visual2-<version>.zip
unzip indexima-installer-visual2-<version>.zip
cd visualdoop2

where <version> is the version you want to install. Please see our latest release on

Adapt configuration

Copy this block to a configuration file named located in /opt/indexima/visualdoop2/


export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/jre # You might need to adapt this variable depending on your OS and where Java was installed
export VISUALDOOP_DATA=/opt/indexima/visualdoop-data # Path of a directory to store administration and temporary files
export VISUALDOOP_WEB_PORT=8082 # Web server port number
export VISUALDOOP_ADMIN=admin # Admin user

Start Indexima Console

Start the service


cd /opt/indexima/visualdoop2
nohup ./ &

Control the Console status

Go to http://localhost:8082 to control the console is running

Connect to the Console

Connect with default admin user: user: admin / password: admin

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