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LOAD DATA (using a Select statement)

The LOAD DATA command allows you to write raw data into Indexima tables. 


Load Data from JDBC

INPATH 'jdbc:<protocol>://<db_host>:<db_port>' 
INTO TABLE <table_name> 
QUERY '<select_query>'


Parameter nameDescriptionPossible values
protocolThe JDBC protocol to use in order to connect to your source database. It is different for each database engine.
  • Hive: hive2
  • MySQL: mysql
  • PostgreSQL: postgresql
  • Snowflake: snowflake

This list is non-exhaustive. Note that the exact formatting of the URL can change depending on the datasource. Refer to the documentation of your source Database for more information.

db_hostThe host or IP address of your source database.Any hostname or IP that is resolvable your the Indexima cluster.
db_portThe port of your source database.Any number.
table_nameThe name of the Indexima table you want to load the data into.The exact name of the Indexima table you want to load data into. The structure of the files must match the structure of the table.
select_queryA valid SELECT SQL query that will be used to fetch data from the source database. The return of this query will then be inserted into the Indexima table.Any valid SELECT SQL query.
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