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1.7.10 Parameters Changes

Configuration files

No New files

Files Change

  • The configuration file supported_dbs.json has been updated for an external table on Microsoft SQL Server and Azure Synapse Analytics.


New Parameters

  • nodes.connect.restart.delay. Default value: 10. When a new node connects to the cluster, delay in seconds before the cluster re-initializes itself. 0 to disable automatic re-initialization.
  • Default value: null. Name of the cluster which will be used in the diagnosis name, if specified.
  • external.field.max_size. Default value: 127. Ensure aliases, during delegation, have a maximum size, especially on Oracle Database.
  • jdbc.disconnect.timeout. Default value: 5 min. Disconnect a JDBC connection during a load if the source database doesn't respond for the specified amount of time.

Parameters change

  • galactica.conf
    • jdbc.drivers has been removed. Drivers are loaded from supported_dbs.json
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