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1.7.11 (Released on November 10th, 2020)


The version - V1.7.11 - of Indexima is now available.
This version offers new features :

Easy to use

Indexima has improved the node/cluster status page. From now on in the Nodes status page, you can see the current state of your cluster: running, starting, loading warehouse, migrating warehouse data (and metadata) ... consequently, API node status has been enriched.

Easy to adopt

Easy to implement

Indexima now supports external tables on PostgreSQL. It avoids copying data while maintaining a response time below a second.

Introducing pushdown functions! A pushdown function is a complex function, mostly a window function, which will be delegated to the underlying source on an external table. This way, you can use the window function on your database through Indexima.

As for now, Indexima delegates those functions to Snowflake and BigQuery.

Release Note for the Indexima version 1.7.11

In Details


  • INDXMA-5210: Better management of COUNT(DISTINCT) with more than 128 characters.
  • INDXMA-5271: ORDER BY clause can be set on an expression in a SELECT without specifying the alias.
  • INDXMA-5176: Network communication between nodes has been improved.
  • INDXMA-5134: LOAD command now has a maximum buffer size instead of maximum rows, leading to more control of load on a table with hundreds of columns.
  • INDXMA-5133: Make SUM(IF) use case sends by Tableau indexable. 

External tables

  • INDXMA-5178: Indexima now supports pushdown functions on Snowflake and BigQuery.
  • INDXMA-5060: Add support for PostgreSQL as an external table.


  • INDXMA-5205: You can now specify an instance of Developer Console when using the script, if you have multiple instances on one server.
  • INDXMA-5201: Analyzer now proposes better indexes when we use COUNT(DISTINCT) and expression from the COUNT(DISTINCT).
  • INDXMA-5189: Parameters from galactica.conf now have an explicit unit in their name to make it more understandable. All parameters have been put to deprecated, but their value will still be used if the new parameter syntax isn't specified.
  • INDXMA-5140: Unloaded dictionaries are explicitly displayed on the Memory page, in Monitor.
  • INDXMA-5199: A new notification has been added to display deprecated/unknown parameters from galactica.conf


  • INDXMA-5218: Developer Console displays the number of rows downloaded from a SELECT query.
  • INDXMA-4981: In the "create table" Wizard, you can now specify the type of table - dimension or fact.
  • INDXMA-4974: In the "create table" Wizard, you can now specify the destination schema.

Bug Fixes

  • INDXMA-5238 (ZenD #797) : Address an issue where we can't connect to Knox from Developer Console.
  • INDXMA-5137 (ZenD #749): Fix an issue where metadata could be saved at the same time for multiple nodes on a shared filesystem.
  • INDXMA-5137 (ZenD #734 #736): Heartbeat could be sent on a broken connection, leading to reinitialize the cluster under normal circumstances.
  • INDXMA-5117 (ZenD #737): Killing SELECT queries with subrequests could lead to network stream corruption, leading to the reinitialization of the cluster.
  • INDXMA-5206 : Fix an issue where the query list on a deleted schema doesn't have queries on this schema.
  • INDXMA-5117 (ZenD #735): Address an issue where UNION queries with masked columns in GROUP BY sends an error.

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