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Easy to use

  • The notification panel offers optimisation suggestion for you cluster (ex: optimisation of your tables model, the size of your HyperIndexes,...).
    It is organized in 3 level of criticality to help you make the rights choices.

  • The new feature "limited table" now allows you to create a fact table without specifying any HyperIndex.
    The first main Index will be created according to the usage of the table, and the query it received.

Easy to deploy

You can now synchronize your Indexima Dataspaces with Snowflake external tables, automatically or manually.

Better PBI Integration

Indexima now supports twice as many DAX functions for a better integration with Power BI.

Release Note for the INDEXIMA version 1.7.5

In details

User experience

  • INDXMA-3657 Query profile now display the delegate compute time
  • INDXMA-3648 On delegate queries, Query profile now display both the result net size and the Java overhead
  • INDXMA-3623 In query profile, ADD INDEX queries now show if it is done on an external table
  • INDXMA-3579 New notification dashboard available in Monitor
  • INDXMA-3447 Main Index is now identified by a flag in Developer Console UI
  • INDXMA-3253 The expiration date of your Indexima licence is now displayed in the Licence tab of the Monitor UI. It is also now visible in any diagnosis you generate for support purpose
  • INDXMA-3204 In the Memory tab of the Monitor UI, you can now see the Index size of all Index, even those which are not currently loaded in memory
  • INDXMA-3130 Saved queries in Developer Console are now sorted by alphabetical order
  • INDXMA-2995 In Developer Console SQL View, the Table view now display which schema the table is from
  • INDXMA-2870 Better visibility of the Indexes created in the Index tab of the Table view inside Developer Console


  • INDXMA-3746 Timestamp precision on external can now be YEAR, MONTH, DAY, HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND, or MILLISECOND
  • INDXMA-3654 Now supports the HEX function
  • INDXMA-3426 Snowflake now supports automatic synchronization
  • INDXMA-3385 Add support for a new command : UNLOAD TABLE which unload all indexes for better memory management
  • INDXMA-3280 Indexima now supports a new table type, in addition to Fact Tables and Dimension Tables. You can now create a Limited Table. 
    This is a Fact Table but you don't specify any Index. The result created table will then have one Index, containing all columns. It is however limited in size, as a full column Index can be quite big.
    After using the analyzer on this table and creating your first real Index, the Limited Table will be become a usual Fact Table, with the first created Index as its Main Index
  • INDXMA-3202 New command ALTER ADD MAIN INDEX allows you to create a Main Index without having to specify all the columns on disk as "all()" 


  • INDXMA-3606 You can now retrieve your Indexima query history via the API
  • INDXMA-3388 Analyzer can now generate a SQL file containing all the ADD INDEX queries executed to create the selected HyperIndexes
  • INDXMA-3256 When using multiple masters, the query history is now shared between them
  • INDXMA-3203 The command SHOW TABLE now indicates which HyperIndex is a Main Index. It does not display all the columns as "all()" anymore
  • INDXMA-3116 The following parameters in the file "galactica.conf" are now deprecated (duplicate from hive-site.xml): kerberos.user, kerberos.keytab.
    If you are using these parameters inside galactica.conf, it will display a warning in the logs but still works for now.
    Full support of these parameters will be dropped in the next release, and will need to be specified inside "hive-site.xml" file respectively as: hive.server2.authentication.kerberos.principal, hive.server2.authentication.kerberos.keytab

Bug fixes

  • INDXMA-3691 Fixed an issue where a JOIN statement with a subquery that contains a LIMIT would sometimes not return the correct number of rows.
  • INDXMA-3666 Improved Microstrategy compatibility by fixing an issue when using same aliases in subqueries
  • INDXMA-3630 Fixed an issue with the WHERE clause, which could be wrongly applied when using twice the same table with different aliases
  • INDXMA-3626 Fixed an issue where some lines could miss on join with dimension table in a subquery
  • INDXMA-3610 Fixed an issue with JOIN statement where it could sometimes return null values with one-to-many and one-to-one relationship
  • INDXMA-3608 Fixed an issue with queries containing multiple order clauses, which could trigger a comparison method error
  • INDXMA-3557 Improved SQL language compatibility by fixing issues with JOIN statement with subqueries that are not completely Hive compliant
  • INDXMA-3457 Improved stability by fixing an issue where Dimension Table would not always use the same Index for the same request
  • INDXMA-3438 Fixed an issue where the Hive synchronize when not using all the partition keys would sometimes not retrieve any change
  • INDXMA-3437 Fixed an issue where LOAD DATA from ORC sources would sometimes not respect the table structure, triggering a type error on certain fields
  • INDXMA-3423 Fixed an issue with zookeeper where you could not retrieve a diagnosis when being redirected to a secondary master
  • INDXMA-3258 Improved user feedback when trying to access the Monitor UI of a non-responding machine, which redirected to the login page. An error page is now displayed
  • INDXMA-3394 API call to /get/lastevents/<timestamp> now works again
  • INDXMA-3374 Fixed an issue when using Knox where Developer Console would not redirect to the correct machine
  • INDXMA-3307 Add support for syntax IS [NOT] NULL in aggregate
  • INDXMA-3259 Fixed an issue where USE command were not applied to subqueries
  • INDXMA-3227 Fixed an issue when loading data with decimal values in the parquet format
  • INDXMA-3181 Fixed the cron generator of the automatic analyzer
  • INDXMA-2863 Added a limit to the number of row Developer Console can display when making a SELECT query to avoid out of memory error. This value can be customized with VISUALDOOP_MAX_RESULT_OUTPUT environment variable (to be set in of visualdoop2 folder)

Configuration changes

  • One new configuration file: notifications.json. Don't forget to rename the file without the .template extension.
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