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1.7.8 (Released on July 6th, 2020)


The version - V1.7.8 - of Indexima is now available.
This version offers new features :

Easy to use

Developer Console SQL interface has been reworked to make it more legible and user-friendly. 

Easy to adopt

SET ALIAS command is available for creating an alias on a table in order to make queries more understandable. For instance, you could still use a table while inserting in another one with the same name.

Easy to implement 

Indexima now supports external tables on Apache Impala. It avoids copying data while maintaining a response time below a second.

With the external table sub-query function, Indexima can now delegate sub-queries to ensure a better integration with Dataviz tools.

Release Note for the Indexima version 1.7.8

In Details


  • INDXMA-4603 (ZenD #443): Indexima now supports alias creation on a table.
  • INDXMA-4597 (ZenD #550): Indexima now supports command  SHOW TABLES in %used by Microsoft Power BI, which returns all tables from the current schema.
  • INDXMA-4674 : Pending time of a query is now stored in the file queries.csv log file.
  • INDXMA-4483 : In the Overview page of a table, the link for Power BI and MicroStrategy now redirects to the documentation on how to connect them to Indexima.
  • INDXMA-4449 : Add a new option master.socket.pool.size to increase performance on huge resultset queries on a cluster.
  • INDXMA-4704 : Add a new timeout option pending.timeout to cancel queries before they become eligible for a run.

External tables

  • INDXMA-4555 : Add support for Apache Impala as an external table.
  • INDXMA-4363 : Subqueries are now fully delegated instead of being rewritten before the delegation.
  • INDXMA-4568 : UNION and UNION ALL queries now support delegation.


  • INDXMA-4619 (ZenD #554 & #596): Add support for Hive variables on Hadoop 3.
  • INDXMA-4675 (ZenD #551): User can now see a schema if they have at least a SELECT privilege on one table of this schema, even if there is no privilege on the schema.
  • INDXMA-4624 : When navigating in pages of Monitor queries, history will not change if new queries are running in order to ease navigation and search for older queries.
  • INDXMA-4414 : Write operations won't be run on an index on error.
  • INDXMA-4574 : Add a new RANGER_CONF environment variable in to handle jaas.conf file for Solr.


  • INDXMA-4600 : Number of inserts for LOAD operations are now kept after a cluster reboot.
  • INDXMA-4490 : Indexima now allows table creation with an index's name starting with an underscore.
  • INDXMA-4478 (ZenD #527): Error in LOAD from JDBC are now displayed in Monitor queries.
  • INDXMA-4633 : Error message from bad SQL syntax has been rewritten to make them more understandable.
  • INDXMA-4601 : Load parameters SKIP and LIMIT now supports a value greater than 2 billion.

Bug Fixes

  • INDXMA-4593 (ZenD #527): SHOW TABLECOUNT could return the incorrect results with pre-join indexes
  • INDXMA-4593 (ZenD #527): classpath for the script on Hadoop 3 with Zookeeper is wrongly set
  • INDXMA-4538 (ZenD #536): Deleted data are taken into account in case of join queries
  • INDXMA-4522 : SHOW CREATE TABLE command on a limited table doesn't create a limited table but an (unlimited) fact table
  • INDXMA-4480 (ZenD #527) : during a load in Indexima, the number of inserted lines is invalid when there are lines on error
  • INDXMA-4479 (ZenD #527): Incorrect results in a "Union ALL" query when a table has 2 main indexes
  • INDXMA-4702 (ZenD #594): Error message License expired while still valid.
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