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2022.1 - Services Packs

2022.1 Service Pack 1 ( January 31, 2022 )

INDXMA-7332 (ZD#1734)The result is empty when using temporary tables
INDXMA-7333SHOW TABLECOUNT stuck when big-index is enabled

2022.1 Service Pack 2 ( February 22, 2022 )

INDXMA-7302The analyzer generates add index triggering error "Index won't be created because it already exists"
INDXMA-7313 (ZD#1617)Diagnostic without content because the 'analysis' directory is not created
INDXMA-7315 (ZD#1704)NPE on query left join
INDXMA-7326Never-ending load
INDXMA-7331Handle every index when filtering on indexUsed
INDXMA-7338Query Cannot Use an Index when it should
INDXMA-7356Error loading history file
INDXMA-7359Index cannot be created because it already exists
INDXMA-7361Analyzer missing queries with load balancing
INDXMA-7366Schema appears again after a DROP SCHEMA
INDXMA-7373Fix cancelled request when filtering queries
INDXMA-7374Small Drag bar in catalog
INDXMA-7377Remove definitively the nodes parameter
INDXMA-7380 (ZD#1785)Cache update issue between nodes
INDXMA-7382Extend timeout of the new network stack
INDXMA-7389Remove warehouse.protocol and queries from galactica.conf.template
INDXMA-7396 (ZD#1793)Regression - JDBC load: Incorrect implicit cast for date fields as string

2022.1 Service Pack 3 ( March 7th, 2022 )

INDXMA-7317The search bar in Queries doesn't refresh by itself
INDXMA-7369Prevent manual main index on a dimension table
INDXMA-7388Display events for the wrong day
INDXMA-7393NPE when added index on a dimension table
INDXMA-7408 (ZD#1815,1693)Mixed Timestamp Format in Dictionary

2022.1 Service Pack 4 ( March 15th, 2022)

INDXMA-7166WebSocket connection failed
INDXMA-7397Invalid dates in calendar when downloading diag on a Yarn cluster
INDXMA-7409 (ZD#1793)JDBC load: Incorrect implicit cast for timestamp fields as string
INDXMA-7412 (ZD#1816,1830,1828)a non-Admin user (in DevConsole) can edit connections
INDXMA-7413 (ZD#1830,1828,1816)Monitor rights are not updated when logging off and switching users or cluster
INDXMA-7414 (ZD#1831)Implicit Join on sub-select with dISTINCT or GROUP BY does not work

2022.1 Service Pack 5 ( April 12th, 2022 )

INDXMA-7436Display nb lines for operations UNION and SHOW
INDXMA-7435Date format d'un MAX de date returns 0
INDXMA-7428Drop alias is not persisted
INDXMA-7419Error when delegating a Group by constant to snowflake
INDXMA-7410Can't get Today date in case of a delegated query (on an External Table)
INDXMA-7406Truncate of DIM Table fails

2022.1 Service Pack 6 ( May 3th, 2022 )

INDXMA-7447Ramdonly Different results for same queries due to spill issues
INDXMA-7421 (ZD#1808)SELECT * From X in a subquery uses all fields when only a few fields are useful => Non optimized plan
INDXMA-7467Marketplace licence m5a
INDXMA-7383 (ZD#1899)QueryInfo.eventsToPublish list become bigger and bigger over time

2022.1 Service Pack 7 ( May 18th, 2022 )

INDXMA-7434 (ZD#1869)Synchronize does not work on external HIVE tables
INDXMA-7463Marketplace error message licence
INDXMA-7465 (ZD#1919)Encrypt the S3/CEPH credentials
INDXMA-7470Impala external table bug
INDXMA-7472Hide License Page on market place
INDXMA-7484 (ZD#1959)Can't Synchronize a table when it contains an Index with a formula within a field
INDXMA-7485 (ZD#1970)Missing NODESERVER_JVM_OPTIONS in java command of script 

2022.1 Service Pack 8 ( May 25th, 2022 )

INDXMA-7498Can't Synchronize a table when it contains an Index with a formula within a field
INDXMA-7494Log dates when cluster is reinitializing

2022.1 Service Pack 9 ( June 24th, 2022 )

INDXMA-7455Error Index won't be created on NYC demo
INDXMA-7487Queries history not shared between nodes
INDXMA-7520Memory low
INDXMA-7525Unable to execute some queries with devconsole

2022.1 Service Pack 10 ( July 25th, 2022 )

INDXMA-7543Create a table that contains a MAX
INDXMA-7542Update default network parameters values
INDXMA-7541Synchronize ok but zéro results
INDXMA-7540Handle primary master receiving a re-election request
INDXMA-7539Increase resilience to TCP errors
INDXMA-7479When compacting indexes, bucket compacting may produce too big buckets ( > bucket.size.mb)

2022.1 Service Pack 11 ( August 08th, 2022 )

INDXMA-7544 (ZD#2012)dd_mcc sometimes NULL depending on the used index (and on the number of indexes in the table)
INDXMA-7531Start Indexima on dedicated Yarn nodes

2022.1 Service Pack 12 (September 6th, 2022 )

INDXMA-7553 (ZD#1998)Prevent Yarn instantiating several containers on same node
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