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Indexima with Knox

Add Knox Indexima service

Create the following tree and add the two following files: service.xml and rewrite.xml

cd /usr/hdp/current/knox-server/data/services

├── indexima
│   └── 0.166.234
│       ├── rewrite.xml
│       └── service.xml

Edit the file rewrite.xml with the following content

<service role="INDEXIMA" name="indexima" version="0.166.234">
        <route path="/indexima"/>
    <dispatch classname="org.apache.hadoop.gateway.hive.HiveDispatch" ha-classname="org.apache.hadoop.gateway.hive.HiveHaDispatch"/>

Edit the file rewrite.xml with the following content

    <rule dir="IN" name="INDEXIMA/indexima/inbound" pattern="*://*:*/**/indexima">
        <rewrite template="{$serviceUrl[INDEXIMA]}"/>

Then alter the advanced topology in Ambari GUI as shown in the following capture

Restart Knox

You can restart Knox by using the command

${KNOX_HOME}/bin/ stop
Stopping Gateway with PID 14762 succeeded.

${KNOX_HOME}/bin/ start
Gateway is starting with PID 4493.

${KNOX_HOME}/bin/ status
Gateway is running with PID 4493.

The command must not be run as root

Configure Indexima to use Knox Gateway

You need to modify the galactica/conf/hive-site.xml file to use Indexima with HTTP


Connection strings

Example of a full connection string, using SSL and Kerberos


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