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PBI Best Practices - General Guidances

Indexima performance may be the best, end users may experience slowness. We do recommend reading the following articles in order to analyze the slowness and find a solution.

Best Practices with PowerBI Desktop

Highlights From Microsoft

We do recommend applying the recommendations listed on the page About using DirectQuery in Power BI, especially:

Model Design Guidance (link)

  • Avoid complex queries in Query Editor.
  • Keep measures simple
  • Avoid relationships on calculated columns
  • Examine all uses of calculated columns and data type changes
  • Avoid the setting Assume referential integrity on all joins when possible

Report Design Guidance (link)

  • Limit the number of visuals on a page
  • Consider the use of Query Reduction options

Maximum number of connections option for DirectQuery (link)

  • DirectQuery opens a default maximum number of 10 concurrent connections. You can change the maximum number for the current file in Power BI Desktop.

Performance Analyzer provided by PowerBI

  • by using the Performance Analyzer, you can see and record logs that measure how each of your report elements performs when users interact with them, and which aspects of their performance are most (or least) resource intensive. Go to Use Performance Analyzer to examine report element performance for more information.

Highlights from blogs

We recommend also reading the following blogs:

PowerBI Gateway

Initial Setup

Check dashboard performance

Before going further with adjusting the gateway performance, please read the other Best practices pages the Indexima team made for you.

The more you can follow the best practices, the fewer data will transit between indexima & the gateway, the fewer data the gateway will have to process.

To go further

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