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Querying a database for Data load via SQL Command

In the same way, you can create a data space from another data source, you can import the data of that source using a JDBC connection.

SQL Command


LOAD DATA INPATH 'jdbc:mysql://mysql_server:10000/default' INTO TABLE indexima_table QUERY 'SELECT * FROM mysql_table';
COMMIT indexima_table;

This will import all the data from the MySQL table named default.mysql_table into your Indexima table named default.indexima_table. The structure of the Indexima & Database tables must match for the command to be successful.

Supported Databases

Hive, MySQL, Oracle... 

You will find a list of the currently supported databases here

Not for a Hive SQL Query

If the Hive Table is partitioned, you must adapt the SQL statement and explicitly begin with the partitioned columns, then finish by a star:

SELECT Part_col1, Part_Col2,* FROM my_hive_table


You can learn more about the LOAD DATA INPATH commands here

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