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SQL Line

You can run SQLLine on Windows, Mac-OS-X, Linux.


Make sure JAVA is already installed in your environment.

Download  & deploy SQLLine

Download here

copy the jar and the dependence files into a machine that will access Indexima.

Use SQLLine (command line)

On Windows execute indexima.bat

On Linux execute in the sqlline directory.

An Example

 ./ -u "jdbc:hive2://localhost:10000/default" -n admin -p password -d io.galactica.jdbc.Driver -f script.sql

Here is an example of sql script

SELECT * from table where id1 = 1 ;
SELECT * .... ;

You can also use variables in your sql script that will be substituted at runtime.

SELECT * from table where id1 = ${yourparameter} ;
SELECT * .... ;

Now call SQLLine with the value of your variable in the connection URL

 ./ -u "jdbc:hive2://localhost:10000/default;#yourparameter=2" -n admin -p password -d io.galactica.jdbc.Driver -f script.sql



The database URL to which to connect

include a variable by completing the URL with parameters starting with #

parameters would be separated by a semicolon (;)

Example: #Param1=toto;Param2=XX

-nUsername to connect to the database. If unspecified, SQLLine will prompt for it.
-pPassword to connect to the database. If unspecified, SQLLine will prompt for it.
-fscript file that contains SQL statements

Configure SQLLine (with property file)

Once unzipped, copy indexima.conf from indexima.conf.template when this file does not exists.

Edit the properties file indexima.conf :

url = jdbc:hive2://first_data_node:10000/
driver = io.galactica.jdbc.Driver

Refer to JDBC connection strings Examples for connections using other transport and security setup.

Editing this properties file allows to automatically connect to a database with credentials if defined. The properties file is expected to have the following values:

urlThe database URL to which to connect
driverThe driver class that handles the URL. If unspecified, SQLLine with automatically scan the CLASSPATH for an appropriate driver
userUsername to connect to the database. If unspecified, SQLLine will prompt for it.
passwordPassword to connect to the database. If unspecified, SQLLine will prompt for it.

Example of property file:

url = jdbc:hive2://
user = hadoop
password =
driver = io.galactica.jdbc.Driver


... a Kerberized INDEXIMA cluster

An additional file needs to be set up in order to manage the Kerberos ticket

Copy the file galactica-jdbc.conf.template if galactica-jdbc.conf do not yet exist.

Then edit the galactica-jdbc.conf file

cat  galactica-jdbc.conf
# Kerberos configuration
kerberos.user = indexima-user/
kerberos.keytab = /etc/security/keytabs/hive.service.keytab

Type the Kerberos principal as kerberos.user and specify the key tab as kerberos.keytab

... using Zookeeper

The connection must be set up in indexima.conf as shown below:

url = jdbc:hive2://;serviceDiscoveryMode=zooKeeper;zooKeeperNamespace= indexima
driver = io.galactica.jdbc.Driver

Specify user and password in the configuration file to avoid being prompted by SQLLine at the connection time.

When Zookeeper is used, galactica-jdbc.conf file must be set with principal and keytab used to connect to INDEXIMA. A valid ticket must be claimed and can be verified with klist utility before starting INDEXIMA.

To avoid being prompted for user and password credential, which is the case when using Kerberos authentication, you can set blank user and blank password in the configuration file indexima.conf

Exit SQLLine

To exit SQLLine, enter !quit

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