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1.7.12 Parameter Changes

Configuration files

New files

  • Add a new LDAP template for Developer Console/Visualdoop to simplify the LDAP configuration.
    • This file replaces the VISUALDOOP_LDAP_XXX parameters used in the Visualdoop/

Files Change

  • The configuration file notifications.json has been updated to display a notification on an external table without indexes and unused indexes
  • Starting files and start-node.bat have been updated to include a default GC configuration.
  • The log4j2 template file has been updated for Hadoop 3 for better log filtering.


New Parameters

  • spill.result.max_size.mb. Default value: 8192.  maximum size, in MB, before a spilling query to be considered as too big and killed.
  • optimization.add_index.nb_rows. Default value: true. Enable optimization for ADD INDEX when creating from another full memory index. For instance when you create the INDEX(a) from INDEX(a, b).
  • Default value: 10000. Defines the rate of notification by the engine to Monitor during a load.
  • Default value : -1. Add an implicit limit on SELECT queries without GROUP BY for Cognos usage.

  • Default value: 15. The number of sliding days to pickup queries for analysis.
  • Default value: Last day tuning. Default optimizer to use. Can be overridden for each table. Defines in optimize_index.json.
  • Default value : <empty>. When should we start the whole process of analysis and index creation.
  • Default value: 120. Maximum duration of smart tables analysis. 
  • Default value : 2. Number of threads used for running smart tables indexation.
  • Default value: 20. Maximum number of indexes for a smart table.
  • Default value: 2000. Speed threshold where a query is considered as slow.
  • Default value: 1. Default weight for score computation
  • Default value: 1. Weight of the K-Store query for score computation 
  • Default value: 1. Weight of the speed ratio for score computation
  • Default value: 1. Weight of query delegated to the underlying table for score computation
  • Default value: 1. Weight of the table size ratio for score computation
  • Default value: 1. Weight of the traffic ratio for score computation
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