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2022.3 (Released on November 9, 2022)


Indexima’s newest version – v2022.3 – is now available. This new version brings the following main new features:

Easy to use

Analyzer precision: Improved query history sharing between nodes for a better analyzer performance.
Updated index parser to better eliminate similar proposed indexes.
Console resilience: Reduced console memory footprint for better reactivity.
Integrated new WebSocket reconnection mechanism to improve resilience.

Easy to adopt

Upgraded AWS S3 communication stack for improved performance and resilience when storing or loading from object storage (AWS S3 or CEPH).

Easy To Implement

New 'bucket splitting' parameters to better control data partitioning in order to accelerate load/commit.
Reduced memory footprint during big data load (>100Go) to improve performance up to 30% and scale up load capacity.
Improved resilience upon network failure: new timeout and retry mechanisms to better support some network incidents and prevent some split brain edge cases.
Orchestration Yarn: New parameters to have a fine-grained control of nodes constraints and locality relaxation on a large Yarn cluster.

Detailed Release Note


  • INDXMA-7520: Reduce memory footprint during data load

  • INDXMA-7479 (ZenD #1915 #2103): Improve bucket splitting to prevent huge bucket on tables with many columns

  • INDXMA-7557 (ZenD #2103): Upgrade AWS S3 SDK version to improve performance and resilience

  • INDXMA-7553: Prevent Yarn instantiating several containers on same node

  • INDXMA-7531: Re-open the ability to start Indexima on pre-defined Yarn nodes

  • INDXMA-7555 (ZenD #2091): Reduce risk of split brain when master election triggered during cluster re-init

  • INDXMA-7540 (ZenD #1998): Handle healthy primary master receiving a re-election request

  • INDXMA-7539 (ZenD #1998): Increase resilience to TCP errors


  • INDXMA-7542 (ZenD #1998): Update default network parameters values to slow down network failure detection

Smart analyzer

  • INDXMA-7455: Fix a case of analyzer proposing index that is equivalent to existing index

  • INDXMA-7487: Fix queries history not shared between nodes inducing incomplete analyze


  • INDXMA-7525: Add a ping on websocket to prevent some cases of console hanging upon query execution

  • INDXMA-7521: Fix cases of /api/monitor/get/query/sql sending back incorrect sql

  • INDXMA-7524: Improve memory leaks handler


  • INDXMA-7544 (ZenD #2012): Fix edge case of mixing values & dims in value converter

  • INDXMA-7543 (ZenD #2047): Fix inconsistent fields order when creating table from a query

  • INDXMA-7541 (ZenD #2044): Fix synchronize not completing due to missing user when checking table structure

  • INDXMA-7329: Fix pre-join exceptions during a LOAD not considered as fatal error

  • INDXMA-7564: Rollback handling empty string as null in CSV load, introduced with INDXMA-7330

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