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2023.2 (Released on July 31, 2023)


Indexima’s newest version – v2023.2 – is now available. This new version brings the following main new features:

Easy to use

The ADD INDEX function has been rewritten in order to speed up the creation of indexes. Depending of the use cases, gains of more than 50% are expected on index creation times (especially in the context of indexes with complex joins).

The memory consomption report has been enhanced to report a more precise vision of the current memory footprint of the cluster.

Easy to adopt

The last version of AWS SDK has been integrated and customised to Indexima requirements, in order to improve resiliency upon any network error when loading or writing to AWS S3 storage.

Easy To Implement

The 'bucket splitting' feature, to split very large buckets, has been enhance to better control data partitioning in order to accelerate load/commit. The threshold to partition buckets is now up to 100GB.

Detailed Release Note


  • INDXMA-7588: Improve ADD INDEX performance

  • INDXMA-7568: Update AWS S3 sdk and allow sdk to retry on any error


  • INDXMA-7566: Enhance bucket split parameter and update threshold value


  • INDXMA-7567: Cumulative graph for memory usage on Monitor Home Page


  • INDXMA-7569: Fix date-format pattern for timestamp formatting in console

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