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Connect a standalone Indexima cluster to a kerberized instance

Kerberos configuration on Indexima cluster

For example, on CentOS

yum install krb5-workstation

Edit /etc/krb5.conf file

  • Modify default domain
  • admin_server and kdc location
  • Possible problems
    • Comment renew_lifetime parameter
    • Modify default_ccache_name to use /tmp directory and not keyring

HDFS configuration

You will have to choose a user and a keytab to connect to your kerberized cluster. This user needs to be declared as a proxy user in your HDFS configuration.

After modification, you will need to restart your HDFS cluster.

Example of impala as a proxy user :


Galactica configuration modification


You can create a keytab for indexima on your kerberized cluster or use the keytab.

You need to copy your keytab on each machine from the Indexima cluster.

Create a jaas.conf file.

CODE { required

Add the following line


Additional actions to connect to a Kerberized Impala

Execute a manual Kinit

Depending on your Impala driver version (, you will need to do a manual kinit with the user your choose to connect on your Impala cluster.

kinit -kt ... (specify your user and keytab)

Table creation from Impala

create table from_impala from my_impala_table
IN 'jdbc:impala://impala_server_adress:impalaPort;AuthMech=1;KrbRealm=XXX.COM;KrbHostFQDN=ip-FQDN-adress-;KrbServiceName=impala'

Table load from Impala

You can load data from Impala by doing a JDBC load but it is more efficient to use an HDFS load

load data inpath 'hdfs://ipadress:8020/user/hive/warehouse/xxx' into table from_impala format parquet

Help for debug purposes

impala-shell installation

This section is not mandatory but may be useful for debugging purposes.

yum install python-pip gcc gcc-c++ cyrus-sasl-devel
python pip install impala-shell

Try to connect to remote Impala instance

kinit -kt ... (your keytab) ...
impala-shell -k

Check if you can browse tables and data from Impala.

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