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Indexima as Windows Scheduled task

On a windows server, Indexima can be started as a simple scheduled task, that will restart the service at machine startup, or restart the task in case of failure.

The steps to define Indexima in the task scheduler are as follow (to be executed on each node, with appropriate IP for host and attach parameters):

  • Open windows task scheduler
  • Create a new basic task "Indexima-core"
  • Ask to run on startup, with the option "Run whether the user is logged on or not"
  • Remove any condition to start the task
  • Remove the option to stop the task if it runs too long
  • Define the action as below (adapt the indexima version, the appropriate IP for host and primary master to attach, and the path of indexima installation):
Program/script:   cmd
Add arguments:    /c start-node.bat --attach --host >> ../../log/startlog.txt 2>&1
Start in:         C:\indexima\indexima-installer-2022.1.1644\galactica

Note: we define the action this way, in order to retrieve the stdout and stderr of indexima process to a startlog.txt file.

On one of the nodes, define a second task "Indexima-console", starting the Indexima console. 

Program/script:   cmd
Add arguments:    /c start.bat >> startlog.txt 2>&1
Start in:         C:\indexima\indexima-installer-visual2-2022.1.1644\visualdoop2

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