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Median with Tableau


As for now, Indexima does not support the MEDIAN function.

However, there is a way to display a MEDIAN within Tableau using Indexima.

How to

Use the WINDOW_MEDIAN function and define the computation to the most detailed level.

How to in detail

Example context

Let's consider a Sales process by a salesman and we want to display the Median of the duration.

Sales duration is defined as the difference in days between the start date & the end date.

The most detailed level is the Sales Id.

Step1: Create the measure using the WINDOW_MEDIAN

The measure would be defined as WINDOW_MEDIAN(max([Sales Duration])).

Step2: Use the measure and define the proper table computation level

Whatever the axis, apply the following steps:

  1. Add the measure as TEXT
  2. Add the most detailed level as DETAIL (in this example, SalesId)
  3. In table computation of the Median, choose "Specific Dimensions" then tick the box with the most detailed level (in this example, SalesId)
  4. Write MIN(1)  (as a measure) in the columns. After validating the creation, this will be transformed as a tile.
  5. Change the marks into TEXT
  6. (optional) Hide the header: Right-click on the axis, then untick the "Show header" option

Median (of SalesId) without any axis declination

Median (of SalesId) per Sales Person

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