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SHOW TABLECOUNT returns the number of rows and the attributes of all tables.





Specifying a table name will return only the information related to this table.


Column NameDescription
schemaSchema name
tableTable/View/Alias name

Number of lines in the table

Object TypeResult

Ingested Table

Number of rows in the table


Number of rows in the table source of the alias
External TableNumber of rows in the table when there is at least 1 index on this table. N/A otherwise.
View -1 * Number of Nodes

The type of object:

  • EXTERNAL: a reference to a table in an external datasource
  • FACT: a fact table, with data ingested into Indexima, which indexes are partitioned through nodes for performance
  • LIMITED: a fact table with no index still created. This table won't allow a large load until at least one index is created
  • DIMENSION: a dimension table (less volatile, less volume), loaded on every node for performant pre-join with fact tables
  • VIEW: a view (not materialized) on top of Indexima tables
analyzer_modeThe analyzer mode of the table, as described in optimizer-analyzer-mode.
need_commitBoolean indicating if this table has lines inserted or deleted and that needs to be committed.
lines_after_commitNumber of lines in the table, if we perform a COMMIT on the table (always equal to 'lines' in case need_commit is false).
index_need_compactionBoolean indicating if this table should be compacted, as described in compact-tables. We consider the table's hyperindexes need compaction when the index_tombstone_percent is above 40%.
index_tombstone_percentPercentage of tombstone lines in all the hyperindexes of this table. Tombstone lines are lines that have been deleted but are still occupying space in the hyperindexes.
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