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SQL Aggregate Functions


Indexima supports SQL aggregate functions to improve the execution time performance of SQL queries using such aggregate functions.

As a reminder, aggregate functions compute a single result from a set of input values.

The aggregate functions that accept an expression parameter can be modified by the keywords DISTINCT or ALL.

If neither is specified, the result is the same as if "ALL" were specified.

DISTINCT Modifies the expression to include only distinct values that are not NULL 

ALL Includes all rows where expression is not NULL

The built-in aggregate functions are listed below

AVG( [ DISTINCT | ALL ] expression) 

Average (arithmetic mean) of all input expression values

COUNT(*)Number of input rows, including rows that are NULL
COUNT( [ DISTINCT | ALL ] expression ) Number of input rows where expression value is not equal to NULL
MAX( [ DISTINCT | ALL ] expression) 

Maximum value of expression across all input values

MIN( [ DISTINCT | ALL ] expression) Minimum value of expression across all input values
SUM( [ DISTINCT | ALL ] expression)Sum of expression across all input values
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