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2021.3 (Released on June 30th, 2021)


The latest version of Indexima – V2021.3 – is now available. This new version brings the following new features:

Easy to use

  • Simplify modelization and increase performance by creating hyperindexes on dimension tables. As a reminder, a dimension table is used to calculate pre-joined hyperindexes with a fact table.
  • Extend smart table capability with a dry-run mode to export all analyzer suggestions at once.

Easy to adopt

  • New web assistant to ease table loading from any JDBC source, directly in Indexima developer console without any SQL knowledge requirement. [Only available in the new experience interface].

Easy to implement

Detailed Release Note for the Indexima version 2021.3


  • INDXMA-6126: Allow to add an index on dimension tables
  • INDXMA-6193: Add a load assistant to perform JDBC loads
  • INDXMA-6370: Improve bufferization of Query.printAll operations
  • INDXMA-6286: Extend parser on cross join specific syntax
  • INDXMA-6200: Simplify configuration of paths for temp storage
  • INDXMA-6177: Improve memory allocation for fields in some join queries
  • INDXMA-6159: Missing info on tables when one index was in error
  • INDXMA-6139: Fix incorrect formatting in queries.csv
  • INDXMA-6138: Fill operation 'NONE' in queries.csv
  • INDXMA-5640: Extend query listing information for past queries
  • INDXMA-6133: Workaround a snowflake bug on queries containing a "group by" and a date_part function
  • INDXMA-5973: Improve dev console logout management
  • INDXMA-5738: Extend the number of possible UNION ALL in a query
  • INDXMA-6249: Fix live_lines_without_commit in SHOW TABLECOUNT
  • INDXMA-6222: Simplify galactica.conf.template to ease indexima configuration
  • INDXMA-6215: Add CLUSTER_STATE notification in template
  • INDXMA-6163: Maintain indexima dynamic configuration changes upon restart
  • INDXMA-6154: Extend SHOW CONFIG with missing configuration parameters
  • INDXMA-6132: Extend LOAD DATA function with a PATTERN and DPATTERN to match folder pattern
  • INDXMA-6129 (ZenD #1273): Better support of powerbi.impersonate.field used for PowerBI

Sécurity Enhancements

  • INDXMA-6297 (ZenD #1354): Restrict the roles visibility in dev console
  • INDXMA-6244: Remove version from login screen
  • INDXMA-6118 (ZenD #1264): Fix Cross-Origin Resource Sharing vulnerability
  • INDXMA-6121 (ZenD #1266): Restrict account suppression to dev console admin
  • INDXMA-6123 (ZenD #1267): Add HTTP Strict Transport Security header
  • INDXMA-6122 (ZenD #1268): Secure access to jetty and indexima components version

External Table

  • INDXMA-6421: Improve support of Hive external table
  • INDXMA-6395: Wrong escaping on snowflake external table when table alias contains spaces
  • INDXMA-6382: Issue in Tableau with join on external snowflake table
  • INDXMA-6326(ZenD #1345): Unable to query hive external table with schema name
  • INDXMA-6313: Enhance addIndex for external tables
  • INDXMA-6305: Improve password encoding for CREATE external
  • INDXMA-6281: Enhance Snowflake External query with group by expression
  • INDXMA-6350: Add support for pushdown functions to hive
  • INDXMA-6328 (ZenD #1301): Add support for Pearson correlation for Hive delegation

Smart Table

  • INDXMA-6195: Export Smart tables dry run suggestions in diag analysis: LOG option in the field "automatic" on optimize_index.json file
  • INDXMA-6233: Better purge of files stored by Incremental analyzer execution
  • INDXMA-6347: Optimize analyzer expression, prejoin indexes that prevent using another index
  • INDXMA-6306: Analyser suggest indexes triggering ambiguous columns in some queries
  • INDXMA-6283: Analyser with prejoin should not take cross joins into account
  • INDXMA-6221: Fix unknown columns in analyzer suggestion
  • INDXMA-6184: Fix NPE errors upon analyzer index suggestion
  • INDXMA-6178: Fix smart analysis error when all tables are external


  • INDXMA-6424: Handle SHOW TABLES for the wizard on Impala
  • INDXMA-6402(ZenD #1345): Fix error on ADD Index with Impala
  • INDXMA-6400: Fix error when adding an index while dropping table
  • INDXMA-6394: Fix Tableau Data Source File download
  • INDXMA-6379(ZenD #1358): Fix error on select when creating a table from hive with an index
  • INDXMA-6378: Fix error during Alter tables
  • INDXMA-6368: Improve Snowflake synchronize
  • INDXMA-6359: Fix cases of No suitable index errors
  • INDXMA-6358: Fix error message Query failed: 8
  • INDXMA-6354(ZenD #1352): Fix column order when creating Table From impala with Partitioned table
  • INDXMA-6331: Enhance error message (max size allowed)
  • INDXMA-6330: Indexes tab do not always display the prejoin part of the indexes
  • INDXMA-6329: Fix missing indexes in show create table
  • INDXMA-6327(ZenD #1301): Unable to use keyword in Hive delegation (date)
  • INDXMA-6325: Fix a case of NPE during AddIndex
  • INDXMA-6318(ZenD #1328): Fix a case of an error on truncate table
  • INDXMA-6307: No prejoin indexes suggested in incremental mode
  • INDXMA-6303: Error in query ambiguous Column because of prejoin indexes
  • INDXMA-6296: Display admin role in SHOW ROLE
  • INDXMA-6295: Improve load performance in some specific cases
  • INDXMA-6291: Fix index inconsistencies in specific join cases
  • INDXMA-6284: Fix invalid alter table generation with non-existing alias
  • INDXMA-6279: Incorrect freeze_duration and pending_duration reported in dev console
  • INDXMA-6278: IncrementalStore error while clearing old plans
  • INDXMA-6288: Fix support of Rlike function
  • INDXMA-6268: Fix empty Prejoin Indexes at table creation
  • INDXMA-6257: Fix cases of NPE with Prejoin indexes
  • INDXMA-6246: Fix No value error for a specific case of join queries
  • INDXMA-6242(ZenD #1321): Improve performance for timestamp cast
  • INDXMA-6241: Enhance spill-to-disk performance and limit JCS.QueueProcessor
  • INDXMA-6228: Fix specific cases of an error on join sub-queries results
  • INDXMA-6213: Disable join evaluation when filling the join cache
  • INDXMA-6199: Extend migration process for VisualDoop
  • INDXMA-6187: Improve Cognos sql parsing for specific cases of sub-query
  • INDXMA-6175(ZenD #1353): Improve inter-nodes communication
  • INDXMA-6151: Improve Events directories in diag-analysis
  • INDXMA-6143: Improve Cognos sql parsing on some joint cases
  • INDXMA-6135: Fix an unknown error on index creation
  • INDXMA-6130: Prevent to set alias with the same name as the table
  • INDXMA-6128: Fix issue while merging dictionaries on index unloading
  • INDXMA-6105: Fix issue with snowflake synchronize
  • INDXMA-6103: Improve join subqueries cache management
  • INDXMA-6084: Fix diagnostic with incomplete queries.csv file
  • INDXMA-6058: Fix a case of No suitable index error
  • INDXMA-5769: Fix missing index on secondary master upon re-init
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