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2021.3 - Services Packs

2021.3 Service Pack 1 ( July 19, 2021 )

INDXMA-6542 Analyzer does not give results, add more traces and exception catch
INDXMA-6535 Wong display of nb days in analyser traces
INDXMA-6511 Query timeout too early
INDXMA-6506 Compact operation does not save metadata that are lost after a cluster restart resulting in bucket problem
INDXMA-6502 ADD INDEX generates NPE: join key badly used during query flatening
INDXMA-6490 Smart Optimizer MODE is empty for Ingested Table
INDXMA-6488 WeekofYear does not return the correct value (offset of 1)
INDXMA-6487 Regression on 1 date function (DATE_FORMAT (..., 'u'))
INDXMA-6479 Do not package protobuf 2.5.0 in Hadoop3 installer
INDXMA-6454 Alter during SELECT -No JDBC delegation found for *
INDXMA-6108 Tableau Queries that are in ERROR (Query 3)

2021.3 Service Pack 2 ( September 7, 2021 )

INDXMA-6767 ResultLongConditional no valid constructor
INDXMA-6672 Can't recreate a table when there is "in" in the index
INDXMA-6664 Error migrating visualdoop projects
INDXMA-6661 Absence du header HSTS part 2
INDXMA-6621 Invalid netty dependency on hadoop3
INDXMA-6603 INSERT INTO SELECT in error if parenthesis/alias in CASE WHEN
INDXMA-6528 Delete on Timestamp Field does not work
INDXMA-6120 [Sécurité][Indexima Monitoring] Protection anti-CSRF

2021.3 Service Pack 3 ( September 27, 2021 )

INDXMA-6834 old dev console experience unavailable
Odd choice of Main Index (amongst many) for a Hybrid query

2021.3 Service Pack 4 ( October 4, 2021 )

INDXMA-6851 (ZD#1514) Same query different results in different Versions
INDXMA-6853 (ZD#1514) Analyzer: skip parsing phase to check rights when downloading indexes, to avoid parsing side-effects

2021.3 Service Pack 5 ( October 15, 2021 )

INDXMA-6938 Cannot join two dimension tables in 2021.5
INDXMA-6925 (ZD#1539) 
Régression: Can't create an Alias a schema when the name already exists on a other schema
INDXMA-6921 (ZD#1532)
Inner Join that returns No lines when it should be
(ZD#1532) Query that may multiply x4
INDXMA-6828 (ZD#1483) 
Join on temporary table cause memory limit exceeded

2021.3 Service Pack 6 ( November 24, 2021 )

INDXMA-7003 Unable to query table when creating from AS SELECT
INDXMA-6986 (ZD#1532)  Wrong results when using dimension table
INDXMA-6984 (ZD#1539) Regression: cannot create an alias when the name already exists in the default schema

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