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1.7.10 (Released on Sept 21th, 2020)


The version - V1.7.10 - of Indexima is now available.
This version offers new features :

Easy to use

In preview mode, the incremental analyzer integrates on-the-fly queries for faster index proposals.

Easy to adopt

Indexima can now add a node without reinitializing the cluster, if they are specified in the configuration, leading to better robustness.

Dictionaries are swapped on disk in order to reduce cluster memory consumption when needed.

Easy to implement 

Indexima now supports external tables on Microsoft SQL Server and Azure Synapse Analytics. It avoids copying data while maintaining a response time below a second.

Release Note for the Indexima version 1.7.10

In Details


  • INDXMA-4927 : Indexima can now unload dictionaries when they aren't longer required in memory, leading to reduce memory consumption. 
  • INDXMA-4913 : Indexima doesn't require a reinitialization command for adding a new node. Parameter nodes.connect.restart.delay will now discover a new node and add it to the cluster without any manual intervention.
  • INDXMA-4780 : New SQL command SHOW ALIAS can now display table aliases.
  • INDXMA-4926 : Indexima can generate alias with a maximum size, especially for Oracle Database which supports 30 characters maximum, during delegation, with the new parameter external.field.max_size.
  • INDXMA-5031 : Introducing a new parameter jdbc.disconnect.timeout which closes a JDBC connection during a load if the cluster doesn't get any data for a specified amount of time.

External tables

  • INDXMA-4898 : Indexima now supports Microsoft SQL Server as an external table.
  • INDXMA-4969 : Indexima now supports Azure Synapse Analytics as an external table.
  • INDXMA-4994 : Better support of BigQuery with prejoin indexes and aliases on top of Power BI.


  • INDXMA-4963 : The incremental analyzer takes queries on the fly and learns from them for faster indexes proposal. This new feature can be enabled with the parameter analyzer.mode = INCREMENTAL.
  • INDXMA-4649 : A new UI has been made in order to split Projects in the Developer Console. This new interface can be enabled with the parameter cluster_mode.
  • INDXMA-5024 : Better support of aliases recognition in Analyzer when merging several request proposals.


  • INDXMA-5028 : Listing directories on Google Cloud Storage has been improved.
  • INDXMA-4954 : Log level on Apache Ranger has been improved. 
  • INDXMA-4917 : Parameter timeout is now dynamic.
  • INDXMA-4939 (Zend #695): Starting an Indexima YARN deployment can now be killed with CTRL + C in the shell.

Bug Fixes

  • INDXMA-4883 : Log4j log rotation could be wrong and generate new files when it shouldn't.
  • INDXMA-4930 : Address an issue where we couldn't drop a second main index in Developer Console.
  • INDXMA-4923 (ZenD #674): Fix an issue where we couldn't parquet on Hortonworks Data Platform 3.
  • INDXMA-4918 (ZenD #670): Fix an issue where we couldn't create a table with a field starting with 'expression_'.

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