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2021.4 - Services Packs

2021.4 Service Pack 1 ( October 6, 2021 )

INDXMA-6853 (ZD#1502) Analyzer: skip parsing phase to check rights when downloading indexes, to avoid parsing side-effects
(ZD#1514) Same query different results in different Versions
INDXMA-6828 (ZD#1483) 
Join on temporary table cause memory limit exceeded
HA test failed
Analyzer suggests an Index in ERROR
Regression queries.csv : CSV header file not written anymore
ResultLongConditional no valid constructor

2021.4 Service Pack 2 ( October 18, 2021 )

INDXMA-6925 (ZD#1539) RĂ©gression: Can't create an Alias a schema when the name already exists on a other schema
INDXMA-6921 (ZD#1539)inner Join that returns No lines when it should be
INDXMA-6916 (ZD#1532)Query that may multiply x4
INDXMA-6888 FRONT : Wizard create table should displays the number of schemas / tables on each branch
INDXMA-6887 FRONT : Add a loading widget on the wizard create table when clicking on 'Connect'
INDXMA-6855 Allow "filter" as column name
INDXMA-6845 Add SAP HANA support in front
INDXMA-6838 SapHana out of memory on CREATE TABLE FROM JDBC
INDXMA-6814 Not supported & in CREATE TABLE from JDBC
INDXMA-6938  Cannot join two dimension tables in 2021.5

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