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2021.5 (Released on October 20th, 2021)


Indexima’s newest version – V2021.5 – is now available. This new version brings the following main new features:

Easy to use

  • Data catalog integration: Indexima is integrated with Apache Atlas data catalog and any data catalog using the same interface as Atlas. This integration allows metadata management and governance capabilities for organizations to build a catalog of their data assets connected to Indexima.
  • Indexima console enhancements: the console improves the catalog view, presenting all the schemas and tables, with the ability to sort the indexes as well as the ability to perform advanced filters on the tables.

Easy to adopt

  • Support for the SAP HANA in-memory database has been extended to take into account the specifics of HANA and simplify integration of this data source with Indexima.
  • Connection to Snowflake views as external sources: It is now possible to connect Indexima as an external table directly on a Snowflake view. This configuration allows extending the use cases of Indexima as a Snowflake acceleration tool.

End of life support policy

Please note that release 1.7.10 reached the end of life support as described by our end of life policy

Detailed Release Note for the Indexima version 2021.5

End of Static mode

Please note the static mode (where the parameter node is defined in the galactica.conf) is deprecated


  • INDXMA-6885 (ZenD #1520): Drop pre-join indexes related to a dimension table when dropping the source dimension table with the option CASCADE
  • INDXMA-6769 (ZenD #1471): Improve balancing for single node queries
  • INDXMA-6896 (ZenD #1262): Exclude NULL values from date comparison
  • INDXMA-6759: Improve storing timestamp in buckets
  • INDXMA-6855: Allow "filter" as column name
  • INDXMA-6691 (ZenD #1464): Improve index scoring choice when a column appears several times in a query
  • INDXMA-6901: Improve tree execution for constant expressions


  • INDXMA-6807: Fix precedence of setting analyzer options upon optimize_index.json
  • INDXMA-6852: Update optimize_index.json.template to use expression for full optimization
  • INDXMA-6813: Add possibility to configure the merge policy in optimize_index.json file
  • INDXMA-6779: Add example of custom authentication to hive-site.xml.template
  • INDXMA-6717: Remove parameter high-availability
  • INDXMA-6704: Remove parameter webui.authenticate
  • INDXMA-6913 (ZenD #1509 #1547): Load Indexima hive2 driver to allow load via Zookeeper
  • INDXMA-6878: Update default configuration for windows deployment
  • INDXMA-6786: Remove non-shared warehouse support

External Table

  • INDXMA-6941: Enable boolean support for impala
  • INDXMA-6931: Add support for split function on Oracle
  • INDXMA-6838: Fix SapHana out of memory error on create table from JDBC
  • INDXMA-6843: Display external views in create table wizard
  • INDXMA-6842: Ability to create an external table on a Snowflake view
  • INDXMA-6942: Delegate CAST(NULL AS DOUBLE) to impala
  • INDXMA-6902: Allow to access Indexima as a hive source of Indexima
  • INDXMA-6899: Add percentile support for redshift and PostgreSQL
  • INDXMA-6907: Extend Date Format support for Oracle delegation
  • INDXMA-6814: Support ampersand inside passwords of JDBC URL

Smart Table

  • INDXMA-6810: Improve initialization logic of computing cardinalities
  • INDXMA-6762: Fix error 414 when downloading a very big index
  • INDXMA-6853 (ZenD #1502): Fix error due to parsing when downloading indexes
  • INDXMA-6789: Fix missing increment hits
  • INDXMA-6844: Fix error in cardinalities computation during plan parsing
  • INDXMA-6830: Add specific merge rules for very big index
  • INDXMA-6522 (ZenD #1416): Improve reading performance of analysis execution plan
  • INDXMA-6825: Allow to move aggregated fields to dimensions if low cardinality impact
  • INDXMA-6811: Improve cardinality caching when computing cardinalities
  • INDXMA-6781: Prevent aggregation on an indexed column if the expression is not costly

Indexima Console

  • INDXMA-6847: Display warning about removed parameters in the console
  • INDXMA-6922: Start queries polling without waiting for complete queries loading
  • INDXMA-6891: Catch fatal error when trying to encrypt a very long password
  • INDXMA-6888: Add the number of schemas/tables in the create table wizard
  • INDXMA-6887: Improve the 'create table' wizard with a loading status
  • INDXMA-6809: Refresh catalog upon index creation/deletion
  • INDXMA-6723: Handle overflow on console editor
  • INDXMA-6708: Allow right-click on the eye icon  in the console
  • INDXMA-6604: Improve console routing


  • INDXMA-6951: Fix suggested index with NaN values
  • INDXMA-6938: Fix error when joining two dimension tables
  • INDXMA-6925 (ZenD #1539): Error creating an alias already existing in another schema
  • INDXMA-6921 (ZenD #1532): Fix complex inner join on dimension table
  • INDXMA-6916 (ZenD #1532): Fix left join on dimension table in sub-select
  • INDXMA-6880: Fix edge case of fatal lock during a truncate
  • INDXMA-6851 (ZenD #1514): Fix error on left join in sub-select
  • INDXMA-6828 (ZenD #1483): Fix join on temporary tables causing memory limit exceeded
  • INDXMA-6826: Fix very long reinitialization upon node failure
  • INDXMA-6823: Fix edge case of DateTimeParseException
  • INDXMA-6817: Fix error upon the use of calculated fields in a join
  • INDXMA-6775: Fix missing sub-join & sub-select in queries.csv
  • INDXMA-6767: Add missing constructor for ResultLongConditional
  • INDXMA-6787: Fix an aliasing error with multiple subjoin

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