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2022.2 - Parameter Changes


Removed parameters

The following parameters have been removed in this version: 

  • query.orderby.max_rows: This parameter is not required anymore. There is no more hard limit on orderby rows.

  • nodes: This parameter deprecated since 2021.5 is now removed. This parameter was used for Yarn deployment to list the hostname/IP of the nodes. We now support only the 'dynamic' mode: when the nodes' IPs are not listed in the configuration. Yarn will automatically deploy Indexima to assigned nodes (using standard Yarn queue and label mechanism).

Please note that as every Indexima node is master, the Indexima console can target any node. So there is no use to know which one of the Indexima nodes is the 'primary master' (one of the nodes elected to orchestrate the cluster). 

Deprecated parameters

No deprecated parameters in this version.

New parameters

No new parameters in this version.

Modified parameters

No modified parameters in this version.

Configuration files

The file is removed from Indexima folder. You can access the cluster status programmatically with a call to the REST API

Ranger plugins

  • Indexima plugin: No modification

  • Server plugin: No modification

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