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SQL Console

The SQL Console allows you to run your SQL queries against Indexima from the Web Interface.

  1. Navigation Menu
  2. Canvas
  3. Script History
  4. Tables view
  5. Result pane

Access the SQL Console

Access the console from the navigation menu (1).

Run SQL code

Run queries

Run your SQL code in the main canvas (2).

Saved queries

Save your code to run it later.

Access to your saved SQL code from the left pane, by clicking on the "Saved Queries" tab in the tables view pane (4).

Schemas and Tables

Clicking on a schema or on a table from the tables view pane (4) will insert its name in your SQL code.

Navigate to the Catalog view of your table to get more information.

Script History & Results

Script history

Revise the history of run scripts from the script history pane (3).

Result pane

Click on a specific query to see the corresponding returned results in the result pane(5).

You can then 

Learn more about the results returned by clicking on 

Download the results (as .csv file) by clicking on 

Copy the query SQL code by clicking on 

Close the result pane by clicking on 

Clear log history

Clear your logs to get a clean script history pane (3).

Create Table & Reload Schema

You can create a new table with the wizard interface. Go to to Create Indexima Tables page to learn more about creating a table.

Refresh the tables view (4) by hitting 'Reload Schema.

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