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2022.2 (Released on May 25, 2022)


Indexima’s newest version – v2022.2 – is now available. This new version brings the following main new features:

Easy to use

Improve Load command with new parameters to handle Date (DATE_FORMAT), Timestamp (TIMESTAMP_FORMAT) and decimal formats (LOCALE).
Add new filters capabilities to the query listing, to improve query monitoring.

Easy to adopt

Internationalization: Better handle timezone in query logs in order to simplify query analysis in Indexima console whatever your localisation.

Easy To Implement

Optimize queries execution plan: Flatten fact/fact tables join in subqueries to accelerate query response time.
Improve management of temporary files to reduce risk of storage exhaustion.

Detailed Release Note


  • INDXMA-7426 (ZenD #1853 #1900): Improve startup warehouse check for CEPH
  • INDXMA-7369: Prevent manual main index on dimension table
  • INDXMA-7486 (ZenD #1977): Upgrade Snappy library
  • INDXMA-7421 (ZenD #1808): Improve subqueries optimisation by removing unused fields
  • INDXMA-7303: Refactoring ClientChannel usage
  • INDXMA-2018 (ZenD #1702): Add DATE_FORMAT and TIMESTAMP_FORMAT options for load commands
  • INDXMA-7398: Add TSV as export format
  • INDXMA-7301: Improve thread management for storing plans
  • INDXMA-7040: Clean deprecated projects endpoint in backend
  • INDXMA-7386: Handle NULL for custom function (ascii, ceil, floor, length, like, round, next_day)
  • INDXMA-7358: Handle NULL limitations on dates
  • INDXMA-7330: Allow NULL from empty string during load
  • INDXMA-7328: Add support for DEGREES / RADIANS / PI function
  • INDXMA-3112: Update query logs architecture
  • INDXMA-7467: Support AWS marketplace deploy on m5a
  • INDXMA-7345: Create folder /galactica/ext for libraries extensions


  • INDXMA-7377: Remove nodes parameter
  • INDXMA-7485 (ZenD #1970): Add NODESERVER_JVM_OPTIONS in
  • INDXMA-7476 (ZenD #1940): Remove parameter query.orderby.max_rows
  • INDXMA-7425 (ZenD #1862): Remove deprecated
  • INDXMA-7382: Extend timeout of new network stack
  • INDXMA-7389: Remove warehouse.protocol and queries from galactica.conf.template

External tables

  • INDXMA-7419: Error when delegating a Group by constant to snowflake
  • INDXMA-7410: Error delegating unix_timestamp to Snowflake
  • INDXMA-7470: Fix Impala external table edge cases
  • INDXMA-7484 (ZenD #1959): Error on hive synchronize with index containing formula within a field (1)
  • INDXMA-7498 (ZenD #1959): Error on hive synchronize with index containing formula within a field (2)
  • INDXMA-7434 (ZenD #1869): Fix synchronize on hive external tables

Smart analyzer

  • INDXMA-7359: Fix error Index cannot be created because it already exists
  • INDXMA-7361: Analyzer missing queries with load balancing
  • INDXMA-7495: Fix analyzer redirect to queries frame component
  • INDXMA-7302: Fix analyzer error "Index won't be created because it already exists"


  • INDXMA-7166: WebSocket connection failed
  • INDXMA-7463: Fix AWS marketplace error message on licence
  • INDXMA-7427: Fix display issue when launching multiple analysis
  • INDXMA-7388: Fix incorrect events display in query listing
  • INDXMA-7374: Improve Drag bar in catalog
  • INDXMA-7317: Improve search bar refresh on query listing
  • INDXMA-7331: Handle every index when filtering on indexUsed
  • INDXMA-7320: Node status heartbeat now reflects real status
  • INDXMA-6273: New architecture for query listing endpoints
  • INDXMA-7312: Clean deprecated projects endpoint
  • INDXMA-7494: Log dates when cluster is reinitializing
  • INDXMA-7488: Fix router on logs page
  • INDXMA-7482: Add 'Loading more' message
  • INDXMA-7475: Fix a frontend memory leak on query listing
  • INDXMA-7473: Add query id in query listing
  • INDXMA-7472: Hide License Page on market place
  • INDXMA-7445: Add timestamp filter to query listing
  • INDXMA-7373: Fix cancelled request when filtering queries
  • INDXMA-7371: Add filter for cached queries
  • INDXMA-6976: Remove the commit progress bar
  • INDXMA-7436: Display rows count for operations UNION and SHOW
  • INDXMA-7394: New query listing endpoints


  • INDXMA-7447: Fix critical race condition with Spill to Disk
  • INDXMA-7446: Fix index_need_compaction computation
  • INDXMA-7435: Fix Dateformat of MAX of date
  • INDXMA-7430: Fix Ambiguous column name parsing error
  • INDXMA-7428 (ZenD #1871): Drop alias is not persisted
  • INDXMA-7423: Handle NULL in Having clause
  • INDXMA-7414 (ZenD #1831): Fix implicit Join on sub select with DISTINCT or GROUP BY
  • INDXMA-7409 (ZenD #1793): Fix incorrect implicit cast for timestamp fields as string
  • INDXMA-7408 (ZenD #1693 #1815): Issue with mixed Timestamp Format in Dictionnary
  • INDXMA-7406 (ZenD #1806): Fix error during truncate of DIM Table
  • INDXMA-7397: Invalid dates in calendar when downloading diag on a Yarn cluster
  • INDXMA-7396 (ZenD #1793): Fix incorrect implicit cast for date fields as string
  • INDXMA-7393: Exception during pre-join computing if adding index on dim table
  • INDXMA-7383 (ZenD #1899): Optimize growing eventsToPublish list
  • INDXMA-7380 (ZenD #1785): Cache update issue between nodes
  • INDXMA-7366: Schema appears again after a DROP SCHEMA
  • INDXMA-7360: Error de-serializing history file
  • INDXMA-7341: Boolean operator can return Null
  • INDXMA-7338: Bool empty reference preventing index usage
  • INDXMA-7333: SHOW TABLECOUNT stuck when big-index is enabled
  • INDXMA-7332 (ZenD #1734): Fix empty result with join exchange
  • INDXMA-7326: Fix load limit error handling
  • INDXMA-7315 (ZenD #1704): Fix edge case of NullPointer error on large query left join
  • INDXMA-7313 (ZenD #1617): Error downloading diagnostic if analysis directory is missing
  • INDXMA-7006: ConcurrentModificationException during sub-request cleaning


  • INDXMA-7465 (ZenD #1919): Encrypt S3/CEPH credentials
  • INDXMA-7413 (ZenD #1828 #1830): Monitor rights are not updated when logging off and switching users or cluster
  • INDXMA-7412 (ZenD #1828 #1830): Prevent a non-admin user to edit connections

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