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2022.2 - Services Packs

2022.2 Service Pack 1 (August 8th, 2022 )

INDXMA-7544 (ZD#2012)dd_mcc sometimes NULL depending on the used index (and on the number of indexes in the table)
INDXMA-7543 (ZD#2047)create a table that contains a MAX
INDXMA-7542 (ZD#1998)Update default network parameters values
INDXMA-7541 (ZD#2044)Synchronize ok but zero results
INDXMA-7539 (ZD#1998Increase resilience to TCP errors
INDXMA-7540 (ZD#1998)Handle primary master receiving a re-election request
INDXMA-7531Démarrer Indexima sur des noeuds Yarn fixés
INDXMA-7525Unable to execute some queries with devconsole
INDXMA-7521Service /api/monitor/get/query/sql reply wrong sql
INDXMA-7520Reduce memory footprint during load
INDXMA-7487Queries history not shared between nodes
INDXMA-7479When compacting indexes, bucket compacting may produce too big buckets ( > bucket.size.mb)
INDXMA-7455Error Index won't be created on NYC demo
INDXMA-7329Pre-join exceptions during a LOAD are not considered as a fatal error

2022.2 Service Pack 2 (September 6th, 2022 )

INDXMA-7553 (ZD#1998)Prevent Yarn instantiating several containers on same node

2022.2 Service Pack 3 (November 17th, 2022 )

INDXMA-7555 (ZenD #2091)

Reduce risk of split brain when master election triggered during cluster re-init


Rollback handling empty string as null in CSV load, introduced with INDXMA-7330 

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